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FonePaw IOS Transfer 2.6.0 Incl Patch

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Get the most recent 2 records with OData Feed

I have the following OData Feed:
eq 100) and EmployeeName contains ‘John Smith’ and $(EmployeeID eq 100) is not null)
What I would like to achieve is to get the most recent 2 records only – the one with the EmployeeID = 100.
What is the best way to achieve this, without using $top or $skip? I guess that there is no OData support for this?
I am using the CRM2016 Online SDK (C#)


It is not possible to get the top 2 items ordered by CreatedTime.
You need to write a custom function to sort the results according to your needs.

My Favorite Beer

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Re: My Favorite Beer

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