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To take the logic of the exegete even further, if the Messiah, Jesus, would
take on the mission to’sanctify’ all people (John the Baptist had made this
point abundantly clear in the first few verses of the Gospel), then this means
that all people, the righteous as well as the wicked, must be brought to
repentance. If they are ‘in Christ’, then they will repent and be saved,
otherwise they will not. This also means that the Baptist must have been aware
of this great truth, and that his mission is an important indicator to it. If
Christ has an important mission, to’sanctify’, then so must the Baptist.
There is no gospel of salvation which does not bind its adherents to a
specific mission of sanctification.

This is also why it
seems plain to me that the Baptist’s mission in the First Gospel is not very
different than the idea of missions in general, which is what the Church
inherently represents. People must be brought to sanctification, i.e. made
like the Baptist, saints in the eyes of God. This is why the Christian message
seems to be at its core, at its most essential, an appeal for salvation.
Without salvation, there is no sanctification, and then there is only killing
the world to gain selfish ends. It is not a mystery why the Baptist is told
to go his way and baptise, even though he does not baptise him. He does not
do it for the sake of Christ, who is God and the only way, but for the sake
of his people, to sanctify them. The Christian message is therefore, at its
core, and simplest form, an appeal for salvation, i.e. a way to everlasting

But what about the end
of the world? This is a very topical subject these days, and there are many
different theories on how it will end. The most famous is the teaching of
Hermann Hesse, which is that man becomes ever more corrupt with the arrival of
the Second Coming, and that


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Hdd Regenerator 2011 Serial Number Download 13l
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