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In the last few years, AutoCAD has become popular among architects, engineers, and homeowners interested in 2D drafting and 2D design. Its use has exploded across the engineering, construction, and real estate industries.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is an industry standard for 2D drafting and 2D design. It is an integrated software suite that allows users to create, modify, view, and print 2D drawings. Its use is common within the architecture, engineering, real estate, construction, and industrial fields.

AutoCAD is not a primary CAD program but a popular additive software application used as a supplementary, or back-up, to AutoCAD. The AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT programs are available in both proprietary and open-source (free and shareware) versions.

AutoCAD in this article is referring to the proprietary AutoCAD 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015 software.

Basic Installation

AutoCAD 2019 comes as an installer disc or, in some cases, as an installation application. To install the software, insert the installation disc into your computer’s CD or DVD drive and follow the instructions.

If you do not have a DVD or CD drive, you can download the installer app from the Autodesk website.

You may also have a version of AutoCAD available on your computer as a standalone program or as an add-on (or “plug-in”) for another CAD program. AutoCAD is available as a standalone software program, a plug-in for MS Office, or a plug-in for other CAD programs. For more information, see AutoCAD 2018 on Microsoft Store (2018), AutoCAD 2017 on Microsoft Store (2017), and AutoCAD 2016 on the Microsoft Store (2016).

Once you have the software installed and the appropriate versions of AutoCAD are installed on all your computers, you can launch AutoCAD and begin your journey through the AutoCAD 2019 user interface.

To open the AutoCAD 2019 desktop app, double-click on the desktop icon. To access AutoCAD LT, double-click on the Start menu icon to launch the default program.

AutoCAD 2019 installation steps

In addition to being a standalone program or part of another CAD program, AutoCAD 2019 is also available as an add-on for other CAD programs, including PowerCAD

AutoCAD 19.1 [Latest]

AutoCAD first appeared in 1980 under the name Project Builder as a successor to a series of earlier 2D drafting products including Project-D. Prior to AutoCAD, there were two competing 2D drafting tools: ViewDraft and AutoLISP. A drafting tool would be used to develop the floor plans and building blueprints, but these would need to be developed into a 3D model in order to be used by other CAD software. That first version of AutoCAD was written by Ken Ober, a University of Maryland professor and software engineer. John Maloney, also a University of Maryland professor, was hired by Ken Ober to work on developing AutoCAD’s architecture. John Maloney had previously worked on competing product and there was some resistance to his joining AutoCAD, but Ken Ober was able to convince John Maloney to become part of the AutoCAD team. Shortly after the completion of AutoLISP in 1985, Ken Ober hired Peter Polyakov to work on AutoCAD. Peter Polyakov had been working on a different architecture program and was working with Ken Ober on the AutoLISP product. Peter Polyakov began working on AutoCAD with the goal of having the architecture program be easy to use for architects. Peter Polyakov successfully completed a drawing for architects that was exported to most Autodesk products including: AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD R14, FreeCAD, Vectorworks, AutoCAD-Map 3D, MEPIS, Architectural Desktop, VectorWorks Architect, Ansys, Rambus, and AutoCAD Architecture.

The original AutoCAD used a technique known as autocadomatic programming to import drawings from other applications and other file formats including: Draw, CAD Exchange, WordPerfect, and RTF. AutoCAD’s autocadomatic technique was popularized in the 1980s. The Autodesk Exchange format, similar to the ASCII format, would be imported into AutoCAD. The drawing information would then be put into the drawing with an autocadomatic. The autocadomatic could be used to create new drawings, edit existing drawings, or format the drawings. In 1990, AutoCAD was upgraded from the DOS operating system to Windows. In 1991, Peter Polyakov began developing the Windows-based AutoCAD. Peter Polyakov’s goal was to make AutoCAD simple and easy to use

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What’s New In?

Draw with confidence:

Automatic checking to ensure your drawings will be compatible with Autodesk® applications. (video: 1:12 min.)

Create design documentation in any CAD application:

You can now create accurate, structured and scalable PDF annotations in any CAD application, and view them through the Autodesk® Designer cloud interface or the Web browser. (video: 0:44 min.)

Discover what’s new in AutoCAD 2023

“We’re excited that Autodesk has brought its rapid prototyping and design capability to AutoCAD. The new capabilities make it easier than ever to use multiple CAD applications to create parts, assemblies and drawings that can then be incorporated in the manufacturing process,” says Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Director, Andrew Fink.

“The goal of AutoCAD is to make AutoCAD as easy to use as possible, and incorporating the technology and functions we’ve developed for the iPad makes that a reality.”

“We’re bringing this technology to the mainstream of CAD, and AutoCAD, with AutoCAD 2023, makes the software that much easier to use and more consistent,” says Autodesk CEO Carl Bass. “With AutoCAD 2023, AutoCAD now allows you to work with very large drawings and design volumes with the same ease as small ones. We’re also introducing customizable hot keys to allow for even more efficient workflows.”

“Our customers have been asking for these capabilities for a long time, and we’re thrilled to offer them now,” says Autodesk Senior Product Manager Brian Smith. “One of the great things about the addition of these technologies to AutoCAD is that they truly add new capabilities without adding any new features.”

Some of the technology-specific enhancements that AutoCAD 2023 brings to the CAD industry are:


2D Drawing Export:

The ability to export a 2D drawing file, so you can use it for presentations and sharing.


Quickly sketch your own 2D & 3D shapes with AutoCorner.

Arrow Tool:

Easily draw 2D & 3D arrows.

Autodesk 360 Tools:

Now available in the new AutoCAD 2

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

* Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
* 64-bit OS
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* Internet Explorer 10+, Firefox 20+, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
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