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AutoCAD is one of the most widely used 2D drafting/CAD software applications, used by individuals, companies, institutions, government agencies, and virtually every engineering and architecture firm in the world.

In AutoCAD, shapes are organized into objects and connected by geometric connectors. The user can change the size, color, shape, and appearance of all AutoCAD objects. There are no pre-defined “standard” templates or categories of objects. Any geometric shape can be created. It is a full-featured 2D CAD software, allowing users to create wireframes, sections, 2D and 3D surfaces, 3D solids, and 3D assemblies. In addition, it supports mechanical engineering and architectural design features.


Objects are connected by geometric connectors and faces

Objects can be rotated, translated, scaled, and resized

Objects can be copied and pasted

Objects can be grouped together in a drawing

The standard drawing environment in AutoCAD includes the command line, the drawing window, and object palettes. The command line provides a textual interface to the AutoCAD application. You can enter commands in the command line (sometimes known as the traditional or command line) and use the results to modify the drawing. The drawing window displays the main design document, and the object palettes are tools used to select and modify objects. The command line is also used to create new drawings.

It is possible to create a macro recording with a point or line and an action. This is done by assigning a shortcut to an action (for example, selecting a tool and pressing its shortcut key). Any time the action is invoked, the selected tool and any of the selected point or line are automatically selected, just as if they had been selected when the macro was recorded.

The drawing environment consists of a command line at the bottom of the window, a drawing area on the top of the window, and numerous palettes. The command line provides a textual interface to the AutoCAD application, and you can enter commands and use the results to modify the drawing. You can click on a point or line in a drawing to select it, and you can click and drag a selection box on a drawing surface to select objects.

The drawing window displays the design document, and the object palettes are tools used to select and modify objects. The user can also find commands by browsing the help file.


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In conjunction with AutoCAD 2010, a “Batch & XML” automation programming language was introduced in Autodesk Technology preview (APR 2010), which replaced both the older “AutoLISP” scripting and Visual LISP programming. The software is aimed at the creation of self-contained applications or libraries to be used for scripting, automation, and web and mobile development.

AutoCAD Training
AutoCAD includes technical training content, organized into two types of courses. These are Professional Development Courses (PDC) and Professional Training Courses (PTC). PDCs are targeted towards AutoCAD users who need more in-depth training than the PTCs. AutoCAD uses a proprietary learning management system known as Learning Center.

License Type
The type of license which a company purchases determines the software it can use. The following license types are available: “Professional” license types include the company name and logo on the product, perpetual license, perpetual upgrade, and a multi-user license. “Advanced” license types include a number of special features, a number of users, and a perpetual license. “Community” license types have no logo on the product and are only able to use a certain number of hours or computers, a number of users, and a perpetual license.

Community Version
The “Community” version of AutoCAD allows the user to use the software for free, without a license. The user’s company name and logo are displayed on the product, and the user can use only a certain number of hours of the software or computers, and/or the number of users can be limited to.

Key Features

AutoCAD was originally developed by Autodesk and is often considered the first true CAD program. It has been through a few significant upgrades. These include:
AutoCAD R14: 1992
AutoCAD 2D R9: 1992
AutoCAD 3D R2: 1997
AutoCAD 3D R3: 1997
AutoCAD 3D R4: 1998
AutoCAD 3D R5: 1999
AutoCAD 3D R6: 1999
AutoCAD 3D R7: 2000
AutoCAD 3D R8: 2001
AutoCAD 3D R9: 2003
AutoCAD 3D R10: 2004
AutoCAD 2010: 2010
AutoCAD 2011: 2011

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A method name does not exist on the current context

I am new to C# and am trying to pass a method as a parameter to another method as follows:
public void UpdateLastActivity(MessageType type, int id)
var authContext = new AuthenticationContext(AuthPath, false);
var clientCred = new ClientCredential(authContext, clientId, clientSecret);
var result = authContext.AcquireToken(GraphResourceUri, clientCred);
var graphClient = new GraphServiceClient(
new DelegateAuthenticationProvider(
async (requestMessage) =>
requestMessage.Headers.Authorization = new AuthenticationHeaderValue(“Bearer”, result.AccessToken);
var message = graphClient.Me.UpdateLastActivity(type, id);
Task.Run(() => ProcessMessages(result, message));

When I build, I get the following error:

Error 1 The name’message’ does not exist in the current context

Can someone tell me why this error is being thrown and how to fix it?


You have a compilation error because you have a typo – message instead of mesage.
Also, the lambda expression might be not as clean as you think. If you need to do something in the background you can create a method returning Task, for example:
public void

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Markup Assist:

Make sure all your links, layers, and text are perfectly aligned. Now, you can access this information in real time as you work, so it doesn’t get lost. (video: 2:14 min.)

Chart Expert:

Show your data in a chart or graph. The Chart Expert help you create a chart quickly and easily, including features such as 3D renderings, annotations, and 3D support. (video: 1:47 min.)


Work faster with the following enhancements:

Sub-millimeter control precision lets you create precise drawings and products, even when your drawing tools aren’t the highest resolution.

Accuracy enhancement gives you precise control over editing. It reduces the rounding errors that can create problems.

Refined object placement tools make it easier to perform critical design functions, such as measuring and identifying points.

Multipage design allows you to work in a group of connected drawings, providing a single, unique view that you can easily work with and merge together with others.

More user-friendly graph editing with redesigned editing tools that makes it easier to understand your graph, and even easier to customize and create new graphs.

Enhancements in 2D drafting. There are new tools to customize the look of text and select any text in the drawing, and new placement tools to position text, as well as other types of objects, in a drawing.

Ribbon improvements, including enhancements to help you customize your ribbon.


The accessibility tools, such as screen magnification, are now even easier to use with the new ribbon navigation.

New keyboard access shortcut support.

Many enhancements to ensure that your document is accessible to all.

Enhanced OneNote integration with AutoCAD to help you get started right away.


Convert a digital image into a 2D drawing: Create a 2D image from a digital image, with support for JPEG, PDF, and BMP. This feature is faster than conventional image editing. (video: 1:38 min.)

Add images, charts, and text: Quickly import an image or text from an image file, a URL, or a path in a Microsoft Office document. (video: 1:30 min.)


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System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Memory: 1 GB
Hard Disk Space: 6 GB
Required Software:
SoftSub Player: After installing SoftSub Player you will have to activate it with the following SoftSub Player Keys. The default keys were found by viewing the SoftSub player icon on the main screen.
To activate you will need the following SoftSub Player Keys. The default keys were found by viewing the SoftSub player icon on the main screen. Keys : “videostats_player” “videostats_input_pcm