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Formerly known as AutoCAD, the current name was adopted in 2013, in order to better reflect the fact that it is now available on the cloud, via the subscription model.

Release history

AutoCAD Releases Date Release Notes 1982 December 6 Release: 2.3.1 Released in 1982 at Autodesk headquarters in San Rafael, California. Included are new technical features, including the 2-D drawing area and an outline cursor. 1982 March 26 Release: 2.5.2 Released in March 1982 at Autodesk headquarters in San Rafael, California. Includes the speed-up of the AutoCAD by version 2.3 and the introduction of printing. 1982 October 18 Release: 2.5.3 Released in October 1982 at Autodesk headquarters in San Rafael, California. New features include an Edit Command palette, a Picture Manager palette, and support for plotting. 1982 November 7 Release: 2.5.4 Released in November 1982 at Autodesk headquarters in San Rafael, California. New features include improved 3D editing, improved drawing windows, and improved document storage and retrieval. 1982 November 8 Release: 2.5.5 Released in November 1982 at Autodesk headquarters in San Rafael, California. Includes a new command, Orbit, and improved 3D drawing in AutoCAD.1982 December 6 Release: 2.5.6 Released in December 1982 at Autodesk headquarters in San Rafael, California. Includes Autodesk’s first version of a color management system (CMS).1982 December 26 Release: 2.5.8 Released in December 1982 at Autodesk headquarters in San Rafael, California. Released after a two year hiatus. New features include 3D paper space and 3D context-sensitive menus.1982 January 23 Release: 2.6.0 Released in January 1983 at Autodesk headquarters in San Rafael, California. Included in this release was the introduction of a new 2-D drawing area, the ability to plot on sheets, and a new grid system.1982 March 4 Release: 2.6.1 Released in March 1983 at Autodesk headquarters in San Rafael, California. Includes new technical features.1982 June 23 Release: 2.6.2 Released in June 1983 at Autodesk headquarters in San Rafael, California. This release included improvements to AutoCAD’s print preview and the ability to work on paper stock that varies in width.1982 July 15 Release: 2.6.3 Released in July 1983 at Autodesk headquarters in San

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ObjectARX is a Visual C++ project that contains a library of functions and classes for AutoCAD Cracked 2022 Latest Version. ObjectARX, Visual LISP, Visual C++.NET, and Visual C++.NET are all available for free and open source.

In March 2013, Autodesk announced a new approach to 3D design software based on Unity 3D.

Autodesk’s Cadalyst, a magazine and community of designers, has published a series of videos which show how AutoCAD Cracked Accounts is used in the design process.

As of 2017, AutoCAD models are stored in the CADdatabase. CADdatabase is the “standard database engine for CAD software”.

Autodesk Cloud Native Computing Environment (CNCE) has been established by Autodesk to integrate the management and performance of Autodesk products on the cloud. Autodesk intends for Autodesk Software to be part of Autodesk’s cloud service.

AutoCAD came out in 1982 by Autodesk, originally for 2D drafting. Later versions were developed to include 2D and 3D views, also for 2D and 3D design, 2D drafting, documentation and 2D to 3D model conversion. Version 2010 was the first release of AutoCAD since 2003, introduced in September 2009. AutoCAD 2012 was also the first release of AutoCAD since 2007. AutoCAD 2013 was the second release of AutoCAD since 2007, it was released on September 12, 2012, and is the most recent release of AutoCAD.

Introduced in AutoCAD 2009 was an enhanced 3D modeling environment which provides 3D rendering, animation and manipulation, solids, surface and volume modeling, accurate modeling of complex objects, and 2D and 3D drafting tools. This was the first release of AutoCAD to include 3D modeling.

AutoCAD was originally designed for AutoDesk’s desktop publishing. In 2007, Autodesk introduced the first CAD software which worked online using Autodesk’s Web Services, which required no installation and which could be used in a browser. AutoCAD 2008 introduced a new online 2D CAD software called AutoCAD 360. This was also the first release of AutoCAD to use Microsoft’s web services.


The latest version of AutoCAD is AutoCAD 2020, released on August 10, 2019.

AutoCAD is designed to create

AutoCAD 2017 21.0

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

The Markup Assist tool can import 2D drawings. The feature enables you to create thumbnails and export them to the CAD system in a way that allows the CAD viewer to preview and edit them in one drawing.

The Markup tool is available in the Attachments folder on the File menu.

Ribbon Pop-Up Boxes:

We’ve overhauled how the ribbon works in AutoCAD. This release gives you a better interface for navigating through the many new features in AutoCAD and at the same time gives the user the ability to move options around so they can customize it to their preferences. It is now easier to find what you need with a simple mouse click or keyboard shortcut.

The ribbon also includes new tabs to easily access commands, and is now a floating panel. You can configure it to hide or show. The ribbon now has a “Quick Access” area, for commands like Distance, Distance using Center, and Vector Length. This area can show up or disappear on your screen, for instant access to your most commonly used commands.

Edit Text:

You can now edit text in a drawing. Use the Text tool to cut, copy, move, and paste text anywhere in the drawing window, edit the size, shape, and font of the text, and print it to a file, or even to the clipboard.

Extended View and Rename:

A new extended view allows you to see more information and view the document at the same time. When you select an area of the view, the information that area is displaying will be visible on your drawing.

You can also change the name of any view. Simply double-click the view to open it, and then click the field next to the view name on the right side of the editing window to change the name of the view.

Drawing Snap:

Snap to a specific coordinate when you select an object.

Stamp tool improvements:

We’ve made a few changes to the Stamp tool to make it easier to use, and give you more options. You can now set the Stamp tool to convert only lines or only polygons. Additionally, we now give you the ability to change the Fill color of the objects you stamp from black to a color of your choice, and you can also stamp on an existing line or polygon, rather than creating a new one.

System Requirements:

Please note: We recommend that you use Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 3 or later, Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8.1 (the client).
For Vista and Windows 7, the Windows 7 client software has been rebuilt for use with these operating systems. You may use the Windows 7 client software on Windows XP or Windows Vista. If you have problems with the Windows 7 client software running on Windows XP or Vista, please see the Mac OS X client page. For Windows 8, the Windows 8 client software has been rebuilt for use with Windows 8. Please refer