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The early AutoCAD was capable of creating drawings of single- and multi-plane models of drawings and drawings with only one plane. The functionality grew as the application was extended through numerous versions of the product (until version 2012) and generations of the hardware platform that supported AutoCAD on which it was run (beginning with the 11-inch I.D. graphics adapter, or GDA).

Typical drawing features

AutoCAD’s basic drawing and editing features include:

○ Object manipulation. Creation and deletion of 2D and 3D objects and their components and editing the dimensions of objects. Manipulation can be applied to a group of objects (geometric parts).

○ Component placement and rotation. Placement of 2D components such as 2D or 3D linework, text, blocks, and regions. Rotation of 2D components, which allows the user to rotate a 2D component (e.g., a linework) in 2D space by 90 degrees.

○ Cuts and fills. Creating and editing splines and polylines to fill or cut a 2D or 3D area and to cut or fill with specified styles.

○ Shape and path editing. Editing paths and other graphics primitives to create and edit text, geometric shapes, and other objects.

○ Text creation and editing. Create and edit text by using text styles and typing or pasting text into the drawing canvas.

○ Drawing components. Create and manipulate 2D and 3D components for plotting, layout, and engineering (2D) designs. Components include curves, arcs, splines, circle, hyperbola, ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola.

○ Attributes. Create properties, components, and dimensions. A component can have a number of dimensions, which can be customized. Create components that have features that include thickness, width, area, perimeters, or other measurements.

○ Drawing conventions. Create and edit a drawing based on a pre-defined default or a drawing-specific convention. Different conventions include the default drafting convention and the engineering convention.

○ Built-in and third-party applications. AutoCAD allows the user to combine drawing components from third-party applications.

To save time, do not start a drawing project unless you are prepared to draw all the geometry that you need and are willing to spend the time necessary to complete it.

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AutoCAD also features a scripting engine and a GUI builder, called the Construction Tools. These components enable users to easily build powerful interactive applications. AutoCAD is available as a stand-alone application or as part of the AutoCAD LT, AutoCAD 2010 and AutoCAD 2011 design software.

Microsoft Office integration

AutoCAD integrates with Microsoft Office, including Microsoft Office Word, Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft Office PowerPoint, and Microsoft Office Access databases. For example, a spreadsheet may be opened directly in AutoCAD, in which case editing operations can be performed in the spreadsheet by clicking on cells of the spreadsheet, and AutoCAD will automatically save and close the spreadsheet document and open the drawing. Similarly, AutoCAD will recognize and respond to file formats in other Microsoft Office applications, such as Microsoft Word documents, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft Access databases. For example, a Microsoft Word document can be imported into AutoCAD, converted to layers or blocks in the drawing, and then exported as DXF or DWG files to create a new drawing. AutoCAD may create outlines for the Microsoft Office page layouts (Pages) in addition to creating block outlines, which is typically used for drawing in AutoCAD. Word pages can be edited in AutoCAD and exported back to the Microsoft Word document in the drawing view or in a separate Windows Explorer window.


AutoCAD allows third-party developers to create plug-ins for its main application and also for its cross-platform Autodesk Exchange (AutoCADX) application. It is estimated there are over 900 currently available AutoCAD plug-ins available on the Autodesk Exchange Apps marketplace.

File formats

All versions of AutoCAD save in one of three file formats: DGN, DWG, DXF. The last two are among the three main CAD file formats, while the DGN format is an older graphics file format. The DGN and DWG file formats are completely different and incompatible. DXF and DGN are also different, but both are interoperable. DXF is part of the 3D standard, but is not part of any other standard. The DWG format is part of the DWG standard and has been produced by many companies over the years. However, the ‘new’ AutoCAD DWG format is only available for the 2010 release.


The AutoCAD DGN file format, first introduced in AutoC

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**Figure 2.12** : Checking the OEM license

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Explore and work with the blocks in your drawing, automatically generate and use a mapping to reference all your blocks.

See how changes you make in your drawing affect existing drawings and reference library files that are linked to your project.

New utility block – Illustration Marker:

Mark the elevation or ground surface of a 2D drawing with a marker. The illustration marker displays both its location and elevation, if the elevation is specified.

The illustration marker can be used to mark alignment points, vertical and horizontal layout guides, doorways, and any other location in your drawing. It can also be used to highlight the elevation of a 2D drawing.

The illustration marker is part of the 2D annotation tools palette. When selected, the illustration marker appears in the palette with an indicator on its left side. When you double-click the illustration marker, it will appear on the drawing canvas. (video: 1:39 min.)

Explore your 2D annotations and your 3D annotations. For 2D annotations, see how you can select and edit the text. For 3D annotations, see how you can rotate the text and show the 3D display for the annotation.

When the annotation is selected, you can change the text size and the color of the annotation as well as the color of the text. When the annotation is selected, the text size, the color and the rotation of the text can be set by using the Text Size and Rotation controls in the annotation’s layer properties.

Note: There is an option to turn off the 3D display of the 3D annotation.

You can also go back to editing the text using the Text controls in the properties palette.

Unicode characters can be used in drawing titles, object names, annotation text and more. (video: 1:54 min.)


Design an entire solution without using macros. Set up the design rules and navigate through your drawings. Automatically fill out the parameter values.

With AutoLISP, you have complete control over the design rules and parameters of a product. The parameter values and design rules used for a particular part can be defined before the part is designed, and all that is needed is to update the part.

With AutoLISP, you can easily navigate through your drawings to find drawing elements that can be placed on the page, measure and edit text, and set up

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