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The initial release of AutoCAD did not support both the mouse and the pen in a single user interface. While working on AutoCAD in the early 1980s, Michael L. Gray wrote a tool called a “cursor-pad system” that allowed AutoCAD to act like a modern CAD program. The tool improved the workflow for drafting architects and engineers who use desktop PCs. Instead of using a mouse to move the CAD drawing directly on the screen, it was possible to draw a series of parallel lines with the pen and then use the cursor-pad to add a point, line or arc.

In the modern version of AutoCAD, it is possible to switch between mouse and pen modes for different workflows, and it can automatically detect the presence of the pen in the tablet. The software includes a provision to display a radial menu with lines and areas, as well as texts, for creating a kind of template that can be used for any drawing. The tool is called “radial menu” to emphasize the concept of a menu that can be drawn around any point or object in the drawing.

AutoCAD, and other similar commercial CAD programs, is used by architects and engineers to draw architectural and engineering plans. Some architects and engineers use AutoCAD for creating templates for architectural and engineering drawings, so they can reuse the same template throughout many drawings. The templates can include line drawings, text, symbols and dimensions, and can be moved and rotated and stored as a template on the hard disk. The user can also change the color of a template for different drawings.

Before AutoCAD was introduced, CAD programs running on minicomputers typically did not have touch screens. By the early 1980s, however, touch screens were being used in some CAD programs that run on mainframe computers. Some CAD programs, such as on Amdahl’s Perisoft software, run on a combination of a minicomputer and a mainframe. The user can use the touch screen and a keyboard and mouse to navigate the CAD program and draw a picture.

Most architects and engineers who use AutoCAD or similar CAD programs on desktop PCs do not use the software to create floor plans for houses. Instead, they use AutoCAD or similar CAD programs to draw furniture and electrical components for houses. For example, architects and engineers often use AutoCAD to create drawings of lighting fixtures, appliances, and other parts of houses that require complex 3D modeling.

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3D modeling
The first serious 3D modeling package for AutoCAD was Autodesk 3D Studio. In this program, it is possible to create 3D drawings directly. This program was discontinued in 2004, when Autodesk chose to focus on its Architectural and Design applications and 3D Studio was eventually integrated into AutoCAD. The latest version of 3D Studio is 3D Analyst, released in 2006.

Additionally, it is also possible to use Autodesk Motion to animate 3D objects in AutoCAD. Autodesk Motion provides a number of different tools to create 3D animations and simulations, including the ability to import, animate and export custom animation and models. It also supports layers for animation and simulations.

In 2010 Autodesk rebranded some of its 3D modeling tools, replacing it with 3D Studio Max and Maya, both of which are integrated with AutoCAD.

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Import feedback from paper or PDFs

Designer Markup Assist:

Prepare drawings for mechanical design and repetitive drafting. Designed for engineers and drafters, Designer Markup Assist lets you prepare drawings for drafting and mechanical design. You can lock comments or other annotations in place, so that you can easily share, annotate, and work with your drawings throughout the design process.

Prepare drawings for mechanical design and drafting

Part and Repetition:

Select or create parts in a large drawing. With Part and Repetition, you can select, create, and design multiple parts in one operation, then use those parts to create parts elsewhere in the drawing.

Select parts in one drawing and create in another

Digital Sketchpad:

Convert sketches and hand-drawn notes to a drawing. Digital Sketchpad lets you digitize sketches and hand-drawn notes. The notes are converted to a drawing, where you can add or edit the notes.

Convert sketches to a drawing

Active Dimensions:

Dimensions that respond to the position of other dimensions. If you change the position of a dimension, its AutoCAD dimension label updates to show the new position.

Respond to the position of other dimensions


Convert Visio diagrams to AutoCAD. Convert your Visio drawings to AutoCAD diagrams with VisioToAutoCAD. You can use VisioToAutoCAD to draw and dimension your Visio diagrams and convert them to AutoCAD.

Convert Visio drawings to AutoCAD

Improved Selection and Object Snap:

Navigate and select items with improved and more reliable selection and object snaps. You can move elements in your drawing with less effort using the Object Snap, Ortho, and Freehand tools. With the Object Snap tool, you can enter 3D space and place objects on your drawing.

Move and select objects with improved selection and snaps

Improved Features for Mobile App:

The mobile app is easy to navigate and offers a streamlined experience for viewing and editing drawings.

View and edit drawings on mobile

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System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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