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AutoCAD is used for 2D drafting and 3D modeling.

Product description

Autodesk has released new features in AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2014 that would allow the software to become the best solution for multi-user team development in the industry. These new features include online collaboration and the ability to attach and embed PDF files into AutoCAD drawings.

On May 4th, 2014, AutoCAD LT 2014 and AutoCAD LT 2014 For Office 365 were made available to the public. This was followed by the launch of the AutoCAD LT 2014 Design Suite and the AutoCAD LT 2014 for Office 365 Design Suite on June 30th, 2014.

Advantages of AutoCAD LT 2014:

Multi-User Environment – A development team can work together on projects using AutoCAD LT 2014 through the Internet, remote locations, and personal computers. Designers can collaborate with each other on projects using the App Link feature, which enables users to download, review, and annotate drawings as they are uploaded by collaborators to a shared drawing archive.

OneDrive Integration – Drawings and other files can be downloaded and attached to projects. This feature lets teams collaborate on projects even when users do not have direct access to the same version of AutoCAD LT 2014.

Invitation Tracking – Projects can be organized in the AutoCAD LT 2014 drop-down menu, and an invitation list can be automatically created.

Autodesk notes that AutoCAD LT 2014 is built on the same platform as AutoCAD 2013. AutoCAD LT 2014 features the same file structure and operation, as well as the same limitations in terms of file formats, memory, and resolution.

The software is available for Windows operating systems.

What’s New in AutoCAD LT 2014

Autodesk has introduced two new features in AutoCAD LT 2014, one of which is particularly useful for multi-user development:

App Link – This feature allows users to collaborate on project files on one platform, then take over that project on another platform or on their own. It can be used for collaborative editing, which is a significant improvement over online collaboration tools, such as Google Docs.

– This feature allows users to collaborate on project files on one platform, then take over that project on another platform or on their own. It can be used for collaborative editing, which is a significant improvement over online collaboration tools, such as

AutoCAD 24.1 Crack+ PC/Windows

2D and 3D GIS
In the new AutoCAD 2015 release, new functionality was added for CAD/GIS applications. This includes 3D GIS functionality (Vector Tiles and CAD Services), drawing and documentation editing.

AutoCAD LT is a version of AutoCAD that does not require a license and is therefore available for free.


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I am new to Java generics and I have been trying to figure out how to implement a particular interface. I am using the NetBeans IDE to test the code.
I have these classes:
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Now, I have this other class, which takes a TimeUtil as a parameter:
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It’s not working because the parameterized type T is never substituted for anything, so the type of timeUtil is only TimeUtil. You can either substitute a class type by giving the argument a capital letter, or you can use java.util.function.Supplier instead of raw types, and use the corresponding method on that.
public class SimpleJsonParser {
public static void main(String[] args) {

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What’s New in the?

Markup Assist and Print Preview allow you to look at the design prior to export, so you can make adjustments and view how the marks will appear on the paper.

Note that Markup Import requires a design with as many as 4 references at the time of import, while Markup Assist and Print Preview allow a maximum of 2 references.

Advanced PDF Export:

Control the appearance of your PDF files with new options in Advanced PDF Export for all major tools.

Page Numbers: Print numbers on every page (1-9). Page numbers are configurable and can be placed on the top, bottom or middle of each page.

Image Overprint: Specify image overprint.

Document Header: Create a custom Document Header.

Auto-Convert Line Width: Converts line widths from pencil, pen, and pencil and pen lines.

Data Management:

Revoke access to a specific drawing and data.

(Visible only in R2023)

New Task Templates for Tech Animator:

You can create custom tasks to automate common design activities and send to Tech Animator. You can create custom tasks by choosing a template from the New Task template list. Templates include:

Animating a data exchange

Batching multiple lines to a single line

Creating a default drawing

Customizing an existing drawing

Dimensions Display

Drawing Reset

Field and Entity Search

Inline Text

Inline Type

Measuring a Length


Setting a Default Value

Tables and Lists

AutoCAD now supports third-party connectors, such as Acuity and BRL-CAD, for better integration with other BIM applications.

Fusion 360 support:

Fusion 360 integration with AutoCAD provides users the ability to place Fusion 360 objects in AutoCAD, place drawings with Fusion 360 objects into AutoCAD, and even export Fusion 360 objects directly from AutoCAD.

Microsoft Office Add-in integration:

In addition to designing in BIM, you can collaborate with others on files created with Office.

Accessibility Improvements:

AutoCAD simplifies color identification by letting you search for colors based on the color name, hex, RGB or HSL color model.

AutoCAD Mobile is now available for iOS

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

-Intel Pentium 2.8GHz or higher
-100 MB or more of free hard-disk space
-256MB of RAM
-Mac OS X 10.4.1 or higher
-2.6.x Linux kernel or higher
-More information can be found