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* Create, draw, and edit 2D and 3D drawings using a 2D or 3D drafting area.

* Illustrate 3D objects using blocks and reference coordinates, as well as use object properties to help create more realistic drawings.

* Scale drawings with the snap feature.

* Reduce or enlarge drawings on the fly with the editing area.

* Automatically fill the drawing with predefined settings or, for more custom settings, use the dimension line drop-down menu.

* Select and edit objects with the selection tool.

* Create and edit 2D diagrams in a 2D design view.

* Create, resize, and edit layout diagrams.

* Create and edit hyperlinks to files.

* An integrated text editor with formatting and language features that support internationalization.

* Graphical tools that enable you to generate 2D drawings on the fly and draw on AutoCAD.DWG,.DWF, and.DGN files.

* Design product configuration and assembly instructions.

* Preview drawings and create comments.

* Draw and edit line, polyline, and spline geometry.

* An extensive library of drawing symbols and symbols, plus a variety of drawing templates.

* Apply two or three-dimensional effects to drawings.

* Place, rotate, and scale objects.

* Reference and name objects.

* Link object properties to the dimension line.

* Reference coordinates on a drawing’s axes.

* Use lines, splines, arcs, ellipses, circles, and polygons to create and edit complex drawings.

* Draw in multiple views using multiple coordinate planes.

* Rotate objects and assemblies in design view.

* Display and edit text, special characters, and symbols.

* Select and edit drawings or symbols.

* Measure objects with the select objects tool.

* An interactive editable drawing canvas that supports annotation.

* Create custom dimension type from within AutoCAD.

* Customize your user interface with the AutoCAD User Interface Editor.

* Save drawings as a.dwg,.dxf,.dgn,.dwf, and.eps file.

* Import and export to and from various file formats.

* Draws according to the engineering design standards of various organizations

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AutoCAD’s connectivity functionality allows for creation of custom application programming interfaces (APIs). These APIs allow programmatic access to objects, in particular the drawing objects, with other applications.

A user may access, modify, and even save the drawing state of the CAD application using its objects. This includes objects such as:
Lines, arcs, rings, circles, splines, polygons, etc.
Reference points
Shapes (geometric objects)
Text, annotation, hotspots, etc.
The User interface allows for creation of dialogs or Windows that are designed to manipulate the drawing itself (such as the properties dialog or the insert dialog).

Elements in an AutoCAD drawing can be selected, moved, or modified in a variety of ways, depending on the type of element:
A shape may be modified by deforming it or selecting it.
A text object may be modified by transforming the text, highlighting the text, moving the text, selecting the text, etc.
An annotation can be modified by rotating it, translating it, or moving it.
A dimension can be modified by changing its length, or changing its distance from another dimension.
A line can be modified by selecting it, moving it, or deleting it.
A circle can be modified by selecting it, changing its radius, or rotating it.
A spline can be modified by selecting it, moving it, or deleting it.
A text box may be modified by placing text, changing its color, moving it, etc.
A hotspot may be modified by selecting it, moving it, or deleting it.

Architectural design
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Design coordination

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AutoCAD 20.0 Crack+

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What’s New in the?

Measure and Analyze:

Quickly measure and analyze 3D models, 2D drawings, or assets in your designs. Compare, intersect, combine, and extract data from a wide variety of files.

Ability to Extend:

Add your own custom blocks for advanced parametric modeling and CAD export.

Leverage of Native Apps and Cloud Services:

Use powerful cloud-based storage, collaboration, and custom applications from the cloud. Work and share in familiar apps and services including Google Drive, Slack, Zoom, Azure, and more.

See more about what’s new in AutoCAD 2023 on the Autodesk blog.




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