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AutoCAD is widely used for a variety of industrial and commercial purposes. It is by far the most popular CAD program in the world.[1] AutoCAD has a rich feature set that includes tools for creating and editing documents, images, drawings, diagrams, graphs, and 3D models.[2]

According to Autodesk, the average application is used by an average of 1.6 people at a company and 2.4 people in smaller companies.[3] It is used to create architectural plans, mechanical designs, electrical schematics, and manufacturing, as well as 2D and 3D artwork for book covers, car interiors, digital signage, and packaging.[4]

Most of AutoCAD’s tools were originally developed by Autodesk’s Fellow of the Year Award, which is based on innovation and excellence in CAD.[2][5][6] Autodesk employees are required to develop an average of 10% of all AutoCAD features each year.[7]

In March 2016, Autodesk was acquired by private equity firm The Blackstone Group for $4.9 billion.[8]


AutoCAD came out of Autodesk’s Fellow of the Year Award. This award, now called the Autodesk Fellow Award, is given to an individual, team or organization that has created innovative products, developed a new business, or had a significant impact on the CAD market. At the time of its conception, Autodesk Fellow was a prize that was awarded once every two years. However, the award was very well-received and Autodesk decided to continue to give it yearly. The current prize is awarded every year, at a different location in the United States and every other year at an international event.[9] The award is given to people who are considered to be “instrumental in contributing to AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT’s success”, as well as to innovators and visionaries in the software industry.[10]

AutoCAD was first released in December 1982 as a desktop app running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers. Before AutoCAD was introduced, most commercial CAD programs ran on mainframe computers or minicomputers, with each CAD operator (user) working at a separate graphics terminal.

In 1986, it introduced a windowed version of AutoCAD, allowing users to view the program’s graphical user interface in a window, and work on other tasks simultaneously.[11

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Autodesk Alias Learning Edition is a Web-based alternative to AutoCAD LT, which offers the ability to create, modify and render drawings in an online environment. It is now free for Autodesk Education subscription users.

Autodesk first introduced AutoCAD in 1989. The original version was a 16-bit application written in Borland Delphi. It was a revolutionary system, which enabled 3D-modelling for the first time.


AutoCAD 2009, first available on October 6, 2008, introduced the first real successor to the original AutoCAD product. The new version was based on Microsoft.NET, which allowed for AutoCAD to be used in a web browser instead of a stand-alone program. The first commercial release of AutoCAD was AutoCAD 2009.

Revisions after 2009 include AutoCAD 2010 (2010), AutoCAD 2012 (2012), AutoCAD 2013 (2013), AutoCAD 2015 (2015), AutoCAD 2016 (2016), AutoCAD 2017 (2017), AutoCAD 2018 (2018), AutoCAD 2019 (2019), AutoCAD 2020 (2020), AutoCAD for Windows 10 (2020), AutoCAD for Mac OS (2020), AutoCAD for iPad (2020), AutoCAD 2021 (2021), and AutoCAD for Android (2020).

AutoCAD Architect
AutoCAD Architect is an engineering and design visualization tool which allows the user to view and edit 3D building models. It is mainly used for: architectural and engineering design, 3D visualization, documentation, and comparison of building designs.

AutoCAD Architecture allows designers to visually build 3D models of buildings, and offer a number of features for architects and designers. The application is designed to be able to edit and share architectural models, as well as sharing content with external parties via e-mail and social media. Users of the application can work on 3D models and they can share and manage their designs.

AutoCAD Architect includes:
Creation of 3D building models.
Various editing tools, such as extending the models, aligning models, adding or removing objects, and editing of models.
3D views of the building models
3D visual comparison and simulating of buildings.
Sharing 3D models and content with other parties.

AutoCAD Architecture was created to help design, visualize, and share architectural models. Models can

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Enter the license key obtained from the generation process.


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R – find all (sub)strings of a string that have a specific length

I have a vector of strings (all of them have the same length) and would like to know the name of all the substrings of each element that have a specific length.
So I want to have for each element a vector of the length of the element (in this case 5) such that:
element1[1:4] = c(“super”,”sub”,”super”,”super”,”sub”)


We can use a function to get the substring that has length 5.
sapply(strsplit(v1, “”), function(x) substr(v1, x[1], x[2])[3:5])

which gives us a matrix
# [,1] [,2] [,3]

What’s New In?

Add annotations and notes to drawings for easy referencing.

View markup help information at any time via a tooltip.

Easily open and change the color of all the colored ink you’ve added to a drawing.

Support for Rhino in AutoCAD

Bring an interactive 3D model into your AutoCAD drawing. Now you can insert an object from Rhino into a 2D drawing. (video: 12:33 min.)

AutoCAD is one of the leading applications in the graphics industry and is used by professionals around the world. This release includes a host of new features, as well as a significant upgrade to the 3D modeling features.

In this video, experts from Autodesk show how to create line drawings with dimensions and more accurate engineering. They demonstrate how to create 2D and 3D drawings, including how to add hidden lines to a drawing. Other features shown include modifying 3D objects, drawing polylines, converting drawings from.DWG to.DWF, the new FreeHand 2 drawing tool, and designing.

In the video, you’ll see a company that has several divisions and is looking to create a cohesive brand identity throughout its businesses. The team shows how to create a new set of templates that will be used for multiple pages. You’ll also see how to edit icons to create a cohesive design.

Easily create new sets of templates for multiple pages.

Edit icons to create a cohesive brand design.

In the video, you’ll see how to load and modify CAD files. You’ll also see how to use Autodesk Revit and a set of Revit tasks to make a renovation project easier.

With the new Autodesk Revit 2020 release, you can use programs like AutoCAD to design and create sections and apply imported 3D models to your drawings. You can use the task panel to add and modify 3D objects. You can add 3D models from 3ds Max or take advantage of any Autodesk 3D Viewer program. In the video, you’ll see how to create an imported 3D model, import 3D models from 3ds Max, and how to import 3D models from Autodesk 3D Viewer programs.

In the video, you’ll see a company that is evaluating whether or not to buy additional software to produce more work in its facility. The team shows how to

System Requirements:

DirectX 9 compatible graphics card
Minimum system requirements for Shadow of Mordor include:
Intel Core2 Duo CPU, 2 GB RAM
Video: DirectX 9.0c compatible video card or integrated graphics, minimum screen resolution: 1280×720
Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card or integrated speakers.
Hard Drive Space: 9 GB of available space
Can you run the game?
If you can answer yes to the following questions, you can play Shadow of Mordor:
Are you using Windows 7, Vista,