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AutoCAD is a robust and versatile tool, one of the most widely used in the design of buildings, infrastructure, utilities, aerospace, defense, public works, civil engineering and architecture. It is used by industry and academia to create models for new products or improvements, draft documentation, and to create architectural and mechanical plans, elevations, sections, detail drawings, and more.

The number of users is estimated to be more than 7 million, making AutoCAD one of the most popular CAD software applications.


Key features of AutoCAD

Help and Support

AutoCAD includes a full suite of tools, commands, plugins and templates to help you create, edit and modify a design. The majority of AutoCAD commands are context sensitive and based on your current selection. Whether you’re working on a table, drawing, line, or an array, most commands can be used to modify a single object and return to editing mode. All AutoCAD commands have keyboard shortcuts for easy access.


Use the tools included with AutoCAD to create models that look as close as possible to reality. You can easily create a family of 3-D models by repeating the same command in a loop.

The Built-in template library and online community help you create designs that are easy to reuse and modify.

Simplify complex design tasks through the User-Created libraries.

You can modify user-created design elements, including dimensions, text, line styles, and symbols.


Create precise, accurate drawings with AutoCAD’s powerful editing tools. You can edit a single feature, object, or entire drawing.

You can adjust coordinates, lines, text, dimensions, and annotation by typing an edit command.

View 3-D

AutoCAD’s 2-D and 3-D viewers provide a rich set of tools for detailed, accurate drawing. You can work efficiently with AutoCAD’s 3-D and 2-D editors, view multiple views of a drawing, and perform various modifications such as mirroring, rotating, lighting, and viewing from the correct perspective.


Schedule a project, specify materials and construction processes, and lay out a project using a collaborative design tool.

Plan, schedule and manage construction of buildings and other complex, multi-phase projects.

Integrate the project with other applications and manage multi-

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AutoCAD Engine

AutoCAD provides a set of APIs that allow developers to extend AutoCAD functionality. It supports both LISP and Visual LISP (a LISP dialect for Visual Studio IDE) as well as C++ and VBA programming languages. AutoCAD provides support for COM as well as the Microsoft Windows subsystem with a different API in each case.

Visual LISP
AutoCAD supports Visual LISP (Visual Studio.NET LISP dialect), a version of Lisp developed for the Microsoft Visual Studio.NET IDE.

LISP based extensions

For the purposes of implementing VBA extensions, AutoCAD supports LISP called VB.Net.

LISP based scripts

The AutoLISP scripting language (a dialect of Lisp) allows extensions written in AutoLISP to be executed from within AutoCAD. AutoLISP can import other programming languages, so it can be used to produce both AutoLISP-based plugins as well as the corresponding plugins for AutoCAD in other languages.

AutoCAD supports VB.Net for Visual LISP extensions.

AutoCAD supports clipboard support with the Visual LISP and AutoLISP languages. This allows the user to manipulate data within AutoCAD by using the clipboard.

Visual LISP and AutoLISP
AutoCAD supports Visual LISP (Visual Studio.NET LISP dialect) and AutoLISP. AutoCAD’s DXF export supports AutoLISP.

Additionally, AutoCAD’s release of Autodesk Design Review and Autodesk 3D Studio MAX has included an extension language that allows users to make modifications to the default application using Visual LISP and AutoLISP.

Complex statements

The following is a list of statements supported by the AutoLISP language that are not available in other AutoCAD languages.

Accumulate: Perform an operation and accumulate its result into a variable

Add: Add two values together

Degree: Get the angle between two points, the center of a circle, or between two lines

Escape: Get the “escape” character (typically ^)

Dim: Create a variable, set its value, and save it to disk

Divide: Divide two values and return the result

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What’s New In AutoCAD?

Mobile support:

Take AutoCAD to the new space for tablets and smartphones. Draw and design on the go with complete productivity on the go. Sync drawings to the cloud for an easy-to-access place for collaborative work, or open drawings directly on a mobile device. (video: 3:14 min.)

Autodesk Engage Learning Suite (Free):

Improve your skills and add professional value to your designs. Engage learning suites increase your design skills by giving you the ability to try out, learn, study, and experience many types of training on the same device. The AutoCAD suite is a complete learning experience, including a variety of training courses, online tutorials, and helpful videos.

A strong financial foundation:

Protect the value of your drawings and maximize your AutoCAD investment. AutoCAD 2023 is well equipped to protect your drawings by offering several improved models. You can add password protection to your drawings and templates, and you can even control what your users are allowed to do with your drawings.

3D Viewing Enhancements:

Create and edit 3D views, even while you’re drafting 2D drawings. Add 3D views directly to 2D drawings and adapt your 2D views to 3D. Use 2D viewing to see your 3D models and experience a new way of working with AutoCAD.

Project Collaboration

This new version of AutoCAD provides the ability to collaborate with teams that are geographically diverse and span time zones. You can share your designs, collaborate on revisions, and accept comments from other team members from anywhere. The live data synchronization keeps your collaboration synchronized and automatically shows the most up-to-date version of the drawings. (video: 2:25 min.)

Advanced Workflows

Configure the command line with a more powerful scripting language, and include Python and Ruby scripting commands. You can use the Command Prompt, one of the most popular commands, to run macros directly from the command line or create scripts to automate tasks in AutoCAD.

3D Printing:

Create 3D drawings, sections, and cross-sections directly within AutoCAD. You can specify any layer in your drawings for 3D print output. Create 3D models and sections on your computer, and directly print them to various formats. (video: 2:41 min.)

3D Snapping

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Windows 7

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