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AutoCAD 2020 23.1 [Mac/Win] (Latest)

AutoCAD can be used in a standalone fashion to plan, design and draw; it can also be integrated with other software such as AutoCAD Civil 3D, Autodesk 3ds Max or Autodesk Inventor. In the late 1990s, Autodesk released a sister product named AutoCAD LT to make CAD accessible to smaller companies and home users. In 2007, AutoCAD merged with Inventor to create a single unified product that was named AutoCAD Architecture. The following table shows the major versions of AutoCAD:

Major version of AutoCAD

Release date

Release note

Release notes



Introduced corner and curve splines. Introduced line styles. Introduced transparency.

Introduced 3D support. Introduced blocks. Introduced linked blocks.

Introduced colors. Introduced renders.

Introduced layering. Introduced Dynamic Input Menus (DIMENSIONS). Introduced AutoDelete and AutoSnap.

Introduced snaps. Introduced block snaps. Introduced AutoTrace.

Introduced DesignCenter. Introduced the ability to insert symbols.

Introduced 3D motion paths. Introduced features for functions like snipping, dimensioning, and custom toolboxes. Introduced multigroup, grouping, and geometry editing tools. Introduced editing for color. Introduced the ability to assign attributes to blocks and other graphics objects. Introduced the M text command. Introduced formats and templates for plans, sections and details. Introduced plan and section dialog boxes. Introduced the ability to insert and edit footnotes in plans and sections. Introduced the ability to publish and copy plans and sections as PDFs. Introduced the ability to import graphics from Excel. Introduced the ability to auto-exit the application when a files has been saved. Introduced the ability to plot on a transparent background.

Introduced multiple cursors. Introduced styles for lines, arcs, circles, ellipses and polygons. Introduced the ability to create parametric entities.

Introduced the ability to save drawings as PDFs. Introduced the ability to send drawings via email or fax. Introduced the ability to import DWG and DXF files. Introduced the ability to import and export maps. Introduced construction projects. Introduced the ability to import floor plans. Introduced the ability to plot multiple views in a drawing. Introduced the ability to view drawing history and settings. Introduced the ability to download drawings and plans from Autodesk’s web site. Introduced a command prompt. Introduced the ability to annotate and comment on drawings.

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In 2012, Autodesk acquired the Autodesk 3ds Max software, which includes 3ds Max, 3ds Max 2012, 3ds Max for AutoCAD, and 3ds Max Design.

On March 10, 2018, Autodesk released the official plans to discontinue the free subscription of AutoCAD. In place of AutoCAD, Autodesk will be offering an annual subscription of $1000 for AutoCAD. The company stated that it intends to “support the current AutoCAD and future 3ds Max users for at least five years”, and that it will “continue to innovate in the areas of software, content and technology”.


With respect to the original AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT provides drafting features not found in AutoCAD proper, and limits most, but not all, of the features of AutoCAD.

The X, Y and Z axes are labeled by negative signs (shown in the figure to the right). In comparison to AutoCAD’s X, Y, and Z directions, the X- and Y-axes are identical, and the Z-axis in AutoCAD LT is opposite to AutoCAD.

Hexagon Select

In AutoCAD LT 2016, a new feature called Hexagon Select was introduced. This enables a user to select a group of points or another feature with a hexagon pattern and can also be used in batch mode.

Two different style hexagons are used:
The regular hexagon
The Geodesic polygon

The geodesic hexagon is a shape that minimizes surface area with respect to a unit sphere. This is achieved by dividing a surface area (such as a polygon) into six smaller areas, which are equally distributed around the unit sphere. It is called geodesic because it follows the shortest distance from any point on the sphere to any other point on the sphere.

If the user selects one point with a regular hexagon style (including standard regular hexagons, and any other regular polygon), the same style is used for all other points in the selection.

To use the hexagon selection tool, the user selects the appropriate button on the toolbar (using the left and right mouse buttons), and then draws the hexagon. The points will then be colored in the same color as the first point.

If the user draws a line or another shape, it is not affected by this selection.

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If you are connected to a different computer in the company that has an existing database, press the Enter button. If you do not have access to a database, you will not be able to proceed with the keygen.
In the Autocad application, in the Tools menu, select Options.
In the Options dialog box, select Save Database.
In the Save Database dialog box, select an option to save the database file. If you save the database file, you must also select the option to check the database for errors before it can be used by Autodesk Autocad.
Click OK to exit the Options dialog box and return to Autocad.

If Autocad is working on a system that you don’t have access to or have not saved the database file, press the Enter button to disconnect from the database. If you are logged on as a domain user, you can use Windows Authentication (instead of having to use the computer’s credentials) to log on to the Autocad database and run the keygen.
Log on to the database using your company’s credentials. If you have not saved the Autocad database, you will have to either restore the database or exit Autocad and start it again.
In the Options dialog box, select Save Database.
In the Save Database dialog box, select an option to save the database file. If you save the database file, you must also select the option to check the database for errors before it can be used by Autocad.
Click OK to exit the Options dialog box and return to Autocad.

For more information about activating Autodesk AutoCAD with a database, see the Autodesk Autocad Application documentation.

Users have complained that Autodesk Autocad is only able to open up to one database at a time and is unable to open multiple databases concurrently.

Technical support

There are three Autodesk Autocad technical support options:

Log in to the Autocad Customer Support website at for technical support.
Call Autodesk Customer Support for technical support at 1-888-883-2418, Mon–Fri 8:00am–4:30pm ET (USA), Mon–Fri 9am–4pm ET (Canada), Sat–Sun 9am–1pm ET (International).
Get support through the Autodesk Autocad Social Network at www.aut

What’s New In?

Save and share your markup assist files for use by others: Markup Assist provides a central location for storing your markup files, where they can be shared with others as a reference file. (video: 2:09 min.)

Text Editor Improvements:

Rename text objects quickly with contextual suggestions for the new name in place (video: 1:33 min.)

Customize the text editing experience with custom tools, panels, and fonts. (video: 2:14 min.)

Simplify import: Use the new Import Text-to-Path tool to import plain text into any CAD file, or use the new command Line Importer for importing text into an AutoLISP file. (video: 2:44 min.)

Native Windows 10 and Mac support:

Windows 10 will get native support for AutoCAD. You can use all of the standard Windows 10 features and applications, including AutoCAD, in Windows 10. In Windows 10, AutoCAD creates.ACDL files with a.acdlt file extension that can be opened with any text editor.

AutoCAD’s Mac OS X support is also improved with native document and import support. Mac users can now import any text and simple shapes to AutoCAD without any extra software, and AutoCAD for Mac creates.LISP files with a.acdlm file extension.

Access the Video Library (video: 1:53 min.):

New advanced features:

Create complex, rich geometry from scratch and see it in your drawings without the hassle of extruding, splitting, or other commands. (video: 1:21 min.)

Multi-CAD Mode:

Share your drawings with others. You can download and install other editions of AutoCAD at any time on your computer.

Reach out to the cloud: Easily collaborate on files with others. You can also use the cloud to save drawings for remote access and sharing. (video: 2:42 min.)

Save and print your drawings with no restrictions: Your designs can be saved to the cloud and printed with no watermarks, commercial licensing, or other restrictions.

Streamline your drawing experience: AutoCAD lets you save drawings to your cloud, so you can access them anywhere, even on a mobile device.

New for 2020:

Community Edition:


System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Minimum system requirements are listed here.
Quake III Arena is designed for 128MB of RAM, a 686DX processor, and Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0.
If Quake III Arena is not installed on your computer, it will not be playable.
There are currently no known compatibility problems with Windows 95, 98, or NT 4.0.
Windows 98SE users are not currently supported, but work is being done to address this issue.
Windows 2000 is currently not supported.
Windows Me is currently not