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The first AutoCAD was intended to allow two users to simultaneously work on a drawing on their own workstations, with the second user using a CAD screen that ran as a window on the desktop of the first user. In essence, the screen was a computer monitor running in the foreground and was owned by the first user, while the second user’s work was displayed on a “second screen” in the background. This feature was intended to allow two users to collaborate on a drawing in an office with a physical, wall-mounted graphics terminal that was shared between the two of them. The app provides the ability to import and export data, including 3D images, and offers a wide range of command buttons, including commands to calculate measurements, check for accuracy, create lists, and to draw objects. The software allows users to draw lines, arcs, planes, circles, ellipses, or polygons, or more complex shapes such as circular holes, freehand (unplanned) paths and splines, and to place and orient complex objects such as a building or an arch, or to draw mechanical parts.


User A: How do I get this arch on the wall?

User B: Right click on the arch, click “create detail,” then “arc” and “right-click” the arch.

User A: Right click on the circle, click “create detail,” then “circle,” and “right-click” the circle.

User B: Right click on the line, click “create detail,” then “line,” and “right-click” the line.

The app is based on the concept of objects, where components and assemblies of objects are called “layers”. The user places these layers in the drawing window using the front-end user interface (UI) tools. The drawing window shows the layout of the layers in “layers view”. The layers can be rearranged using the “layers” tool or the “layers panel” in the main toolbar, and can be rearranged and reordered in the “layer panel” in the task bar. The user may drag objects and components onto a layer to create a new layer. Each layer has a tag that is used to uniquely identify the layer.

The application uses the ArcCentre Point algorithm to calculate the centre point of an arc or circle, as well as the radius of an arc or circle. The arc or circle

AutoCAD X64

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Install the Autodesk Autocad driver.

Copy the.dll to the system32 folder.
Open Windows Explorer.
Double click on c:\windows\system32
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Shutdown the PC and restart

Once the Autocad Autocad has been activated you can click “Autocad Autocad” in the toolbar to run the application.

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SQL Server return all distinct records, one per table/column (no GROUP BY)

I want to return all distinct rows in a sql query. My current solution is to group by a unique key, which results in me getting 1 row per table, with all records in that table:
Table1) T1
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Is there a way to get distinct records, one per table, so that the query looks something like:

where one row would be returned per table?


What’s New in the?

Send markups to other CAD drawings as attachments. Markups now can include dynamic text, shapes, and lines and are compliant with the AutoCAD web services API. (video: 2:08 min.)

Snapping for Working Papers, Patterns, and Annotations:

Snap with mouse, keyboard, or stylus using the new working paper tool, using either natural editing or preset snapping. Snapping can occur both on screen and in print. To use this feature, drag the cursor to the page edge and right-click. (video: 3:03 min.)

Editable Geometry:

Improvements to non-editable features such as dimensions, 3D modeling and text layout. Non-editable features are no longer hidden in the model and can be edited. To edit, right-click on the non-editable feature and choose Edit Geometry. (video: 3:38 min.)

Create Your Own 3D Views:

Use the 3D View (Figures) utility to create and save your own views. (video: 1:33 min.)

Improved Measuring:

Improved AutoCAD with ease of use. You can save your preferred measuring configurations as a template, and you can set up the EasyMeas toolbar to automatically measure for you. (video: 1:12 min.)

AutoCAD 2023 Release Dates

Availability Dates:


Availability: Autodesk will release AutoCAD 2023 on January 7, 2019.


Release date: Autodesk will release AutoCAD 2023 in late April 2020.


When You Can Get AutoCAD 2023

Buying AutoCAD from the Autodesk App Store for iOS and Android

Desktop download from Autodesk

Autodesk is offering free AutoCAD 2023 upgrades for customers who purchased a previous version of AutoCAD through the Autodesk App Store or Autodesk online store. In the coming weeks, Autodesk will mail an email notifying customers of their AutoCAD 2023 upgrade eligibility. Upgrade eligibility is dependent on the date of your purchase and your product subscription.

Update your software

If you are an existing AutoCAD customer and have installed AutoCAD 2020 or AutoCAD 2019, you can upgrade to AutoCAD 2023 free of charge. The upgrades are available in the App Store

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Currently, we can’t recommend doing any kind of upgrade from any earlier version of this mod on now because there are many parts that were never redone from scratch. A few examples include the Bank interface, the inventory interface, the default UI, and some miscellaneous scripts. In addition, lots of stuff was changed behind the scenes for performance, and some in-game events were changed to new events.
Before you start:
If you’re updating an existing savegame, just make sure to save on normal before and after the update.