Roblox is an online virtual world application that enables players to create their own game in a virtual sandbox and play those games with others.
It is similar to the Infinity Engine-based game engine Valhalla Engine, which was released in November 2012.
Roblox games are created in the programming language Lua, and can use the Lua Java Interpreter (LJI) to allow users to create games compatible with the Java platform.
The platform allows users to create an unlimited number of games, and allows users to play those games in a browser or mobile apps.
Games can also be played on, and through plugins for the Minecraft, Terraria and The Elder Scrolls Online games. All Roblox games are playable on the Roblox website and mobile apps.
In addition to games created by users, there are games created by the game company Roxy Games. The first game by Roxy Games, “Rocket Rescue”, was launched in early September 2009.
The games that Roxy Games develop are all based on licensed properties including The Angry Birds Movie, The Smurfs, and Hayao Miyazaki’s Your Name.
The company, which has offices in the United States and Japan, also develops its own games. These games are all based on licensed properties such as Avatar: The Game, The Incredibles, Tangled: Hidden Mountain, and How to Train Your Dragon.
User creation
In addition to creating and playing games, users can create their own games by applying skin colors, and characters to their game.
Although there are no restrictions on game development, developers are required to follow the Roblox rules.
In order for a game to be submitted to the Roblox community, it must contain a playable, playable game mode. This means that the game must include game assets that allow players to engage in the game. These assets can include game characters, levels, objects, and other game elements.
User profiles
Each user can be represented as a profile, and each user can have many profiles.
Each user can also be represented by one or more avatars.
Users may choose to include their age and location on their profile, and they may also include a title, which may be used to describe the user or the game they are creating.
Roblox users can post to the Roblox platform through the profile page. Events allow users to post messages to other users or to the platform.


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