Roblox was developed by the programmer Erik Cassel and his classmate David Baszucki at Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center in the spring of 2004. They developed the software using programming language Lua, which allows users to write games without having any programming knowledge.
The first version of Roblox (version 1.0) was released in September 2006.[3] In the second version, released in January 2007, the user interface (UI) was updated and users could create their own content; as of December 2015, more than 30 million people had over 3.9 billion hours of game play on the Roblox platform.[4] In addition, Roblox introduced new features such as the ability to build weapons, which was introduced with the version 1.2 update.[5]
The current version of Roblox, version 4.0 was introduced in December 2015.[6] It includes a new UI design that makes it easier for users to find content, along with a new character creator.
In September 2018, the Roblox Corporation founders David Baszucki and Erik Cassel sold to the private equity firm Tencent for $1.8 billion.[8]
In November 2019, Mark Zuckerberg’s networking company, Facebook, purchased the gaming company Zynga for $8 billion.[9]
History [ edit ]
In 2004, Erik Cassel and David Baszucki were in their final semester at the Entertainment Technology Center at Carnegie Mellon University. Cassel, a local resident of Pittsburgh, Pa. and Baszucki, a resident of Berlin, Germany, were looking for a project to work on after Cassel was denied funding for his proposed arcade game, Robotwars. In his spare time, Cassel and Baszucki both played a mobile video game called YO. Despite their lack of experience with video games, Cassel and Baszucki figured that programming a game for video game consoles was simply too difficult, and that creating a game that could be played in the browser was the best solution.[10] With this in mind, they decided to develop a game they could play at home for little or no cost.
The project grew out of their desire to create a game that could be played alone, or with friends, on their personal computers, and could be played in the browser without the need for downloadable software. Cassel and Baszucki completed the development of Roblox in the fall of 2004, and their first version of Roblox


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PC Cheats Codes

Tower Keys:

There are three possible towers for each city. They can be unlocked by spending a total of five gold coins. The coins can be acquired by earning them from kills or by completing in-game objectives.

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There is a category in the hub called Wakka. Wakka acts as your manual hotspot and is used to teleport robots to the gate.


There is also a category in the hub called Eggs. Egg can be used to teleport robots to the Egg bot. It is also used to upgrade the egg(s). For the sake of testing these, upgrade the first Egg and you will start as a dinosaur. Try dropping the egg to see where you came in.

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