Total Eclipse: Power of God!

Total Eclipse: Power of God! The last days of August is going to be very very powerful. The energy of this beginning of the New Moon will unlock the codes of the physical realm. The energy will be turned into blessings and confirmation of the new codes of the New Moon. We are facing a powerful time, that will touch everybody inside. Ancient codes inside will be unlocked. This is the time when everything will shake, but all the power is inside you, the power that you have inside this storm. We are calling the Gods to see this storm, and empower this storm, to make it fresh and clean.
Total Eclipse: Power of God! End of August is going to be an event of the ages, a turning point, the epicenter of the storm. For thousands of years the Gods have been using this energy, it has been recorded, but it has not been released. The last few years were the time for it to be released.
Total Eclipse: Power of God! We have seen it been released in different ways, we have seen it be manifest through the activities of those who follow Christ. Because we have the spirit of God within us, and the truth about His character, we can not only see what is happening, but we can also see it empowering those of who follow Christ. The heroes of this age are those who follow Christ. They are the men and women of courage, the ones who are open to the Holy Spirit.
Total Eclipse: Power of God! We have re-started to connect with God in a way that we have not done for centuries. So we are going to start to see this power manifest through the lives of those who follow Christ. Those who are open to the Holy Spirit. Those who are in right relationship with Him. People who have faith in the Lord and are doing their part to expand the kingdom of God. We are going to see this power released.

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