➥ Fun platform for users to create/play their own games and create software.
➥ Millions of games are created and played daily.
➥ Can be played in browser or downloaded for Android and iOS
➥ Robux is used to purchase in-game items such as accessories and costumes for avatars.
➥ There are thousands of free animated and non-animated games for everyone to play and create.
➥ Has a special birthday mode which unlocks special animated images and music.
➥ 8+ million users worldwide
➥ 4+ million user accounts daily
➥ 74% of users are children ages 5 to 12
➥ Millions of active games daily
➥ Has a version in more than 30 languages
➥ Mobile Games
➥ 20+ million daily active users
➥ Roblox has 15 million developers
➥ Has over $300 million in annual revenue and $50 million in annual profit
➥ Has offices in the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia
➥ Roblox is the most frequently removed app from iOS and Android
➥ Has been on the list of best apps for children since 2015
➥ Has 5,000 employees
➥ There are over 3,000 moderators
➥ Has hosted over 50,000 events with over 400,000 participants
➥ About four years old
➥ Has over $30 billion in market capitalization
➥ Has a market valuation of more than $1 billion
➥ 24,000+ employees
➥ There are over 200 million active users
➥ 15,000+ active game developers
➥ $12.6 billion in revenue
➥ 13 year old David Baszucki founded the company.
➥ Has been through 3 CEOs in 10 years
➥ Has a portfolio of over 200 products
➥ Has over 100,000 registered users
➥ Has games and apps in over 175 countries
➥ Has a customer base of more than 100,000 customers worldwide
➥ Has over 175 employees
➥ Has revenue of more than $2.2 billion in 2019
➥ Has 24 million annual active users
➥ Has games and apps in 50 languages
➥ Started out with $5 million in funding


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Video Walkthroughs for Roblox?

Do you love Roblox Video Walkthroughs? Well we have 500 Video Walkthroughs.

Roblox Game Charts

Know the All-Time Robux Chart

Before coming to Roblox, I didn’t know about the Roblox Game Charts. So, I do now.

The Roblox Game Charts have been around for the longest. Their purpose is simply to rank the game developers in a series of categories. The categories include such things as game types, genres, platforms, and others.

Sometimes, Roblox fans will join together and create wikis for these categories and they eventually get filled up. For example, there’s a Wiki titled Top Roblox RPG Games on YouTube for the RPG category. A Wiki for Roblox Top Selling Games on YouTube is also available.

The Game Charts are also commonly used to determine which games are the most popular in each of the categories.

Many fans of Roblox use their trusty Google Search. They will then type in a keyword to find out whether they’re interested in a game category. Such as Super Mario or Civil War. For example, they’ll type Super Mario into their search bar and then let the games search for themselves.

You’ll get a list of links and some of those links will be from Game Charts.

As long as there’s a game category or sub-category, YouTube will pick up every game on that list. This can lead to some unexpected discoveries.

I’m happy to say there’s a Roblox game on that list for Civil War.

And look what happens when I search for Spongebob.

You may not be interested in Civil War or Spongebob but your friends might be. So get together with them and create a Wiki that lets everyone know which game types they want to see.

You could also use your Google search to find whether your favorite game developers are capable of creating a game that allows you to type to the Roblox game a little more easily. If so, you could encourage them to do so.

You’re just providing some fun for the Roblox community.

There’s also a Roblox Fan Club that you can become a member


What’s new:


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Some robux can be downloaded for free (sort of). However, they all require that you had a premium account in the past. To get access to those robux you must have been an active player and created some really high-profile accounts.

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Free Robux are rare to find, even among premium players. It can be found on some private servers, but the amount of robux you get for free on them will be inadequate compared to the amount of robux you could get from a good robux generator.

A fantastic robux generator is called Robux Mania ( It features a pretty good user interface, with a fair amount of options. Unfortunately though, it is not public and you need to sign up for an account. Once you do that you will be able to download the robux on the site. You will be able to do that up to a certain amount each month and download the ones you have already unlocked up to a certain limit. I’m talking about 10,000/month, or 100,000/month if you upload on a daily basis. Remember, this is just the free robux. This would be a great way to get a lot of robux.

I found another generator, called the Fair Robux Generator ( It requires an account and will take you under 3 hours to download the free robux. It has a nice user interface and all the options you need.

I hope this post helps you to find some free robux. Thanks for reading and keep reading.

Are there any free robux generators?

If you have a premium account, you may be familiar with the term “tributes”. A tribute is when you create an account on a website. The website will give you free robux as a reward. The amount of robux is relative to your account (in credits).

Does it cost?

No. You can get it for free if you create an account, but remember that there are terms and conditions. You need to be a premium player and have 2,000,000 credits or more.

What happens if I don’t log in for a long time?

If you have a free robux account but don


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