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Roblox, known for its kid-friendly nature, is a software that allows people to create 3D games, toys, animations, interactive art, and more. Creating an account is free, so users can use the software to play, make things, or just learn to code. Players can share their creations on Roblox, and with the help of a programming language called Lua, they can create various content. Roblox’s most important feature is its ability to connect people around the world through gaming. Players can link together via video or audio chat to play a game, trade items with each other, or plan a dream day.
Roblox has a friendly creator community that encourages people to learn new skills. There are many resources to help new players, including a Wiki with help about using Roblox, a Computer programming and designing forum, and free course videos for beginners. There’s also a Roblox Studio app that allows users to access Roblox from their phone and participate in games on the go.
On January 13, 2015, the company announced that it had secured venture funding from Google Ventures, with a goal of at least US$1 billion in revenue and a focus on developing interactive narrative games for 3D. The target audience is players ages 8 to 18, who had previously been served by massively multiplayer online role-playing games such as RuneScape.
The company has offices in San Mateo, California (headquarters); Austin, Texas; and Shanghai. It was founded in San Mateo, California in 2006 by David Baszucki, Erik Cassel, Chris Milk, and Robert Kulikowski, the four having worked at Zynga to build The VOEZ platform, a software platform for creating 3D games. In 2008 Roblox Corporation began operations, and by 2010 its browser-based software ran on over 800,000 computers.
In March 2011, Roblox’s first real-time multiplayer game was released, named the Player-versus-Player Programming contest. Its goal was to help lower-level creators to build a game that was playable online. These users could then request that others try it out. Developers developed some 20 games at this time, including a scavenger hunt game. One of the games, a Venn diagram puzzle game called Pictionary, went viral, with more than 3.5 million people playing it as of 2011.
By September 2011, the Roblox website itself had more than 1 million registered users.


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Roblox is a game platform that allows players to design their own 3D worlds, explore them online, and play them with their friends.
Roblox is free for everyone to use and players can create their own games while earning robux, the virtual currency of Roblox, which can be used to buy virtual items. The games created in Roblox can be played on web, mobile, Xbox, Playstation, and other platforms.
Some games are also free, while most games require a Robux purchase. The developers of Roblox often release “experiments” that contain game-changing features.
Roblox is one of the most popular digital media and social gaming platforms in the world, with approximately 3.5 billion users. It is known for its extremely high player population, substantial game development, and secure online payments system.Real-time PCR detection of DNA from plasmid vectors to determine the recombination efficiency of the non-TAL effector HopZ1a.
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