Roblox is the ultimate virtual playground created just for kids.
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Game development studio Roblox, founded by industry veterans David Baszucki and Rob Kosowski, has been breaking ground in the ever-expanding world of virtual reality gaming.
Roblox offers VR game developers a graphical programming environment with a guaranteed audience of over 140 million, and a games-creation platform that enables players to become the hero of their own adventures.
It allows players to enter a world where they are the one in control, designing and creating their own experiences that they can then become their avatar in.
As the game continues to develop, the developers also receive in-game monies as their investment grows.
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published: 06 Dec 2018

Roblox – All Kids Games – Catch, Fight, Math – Doug Bixby #RAS2017

Roblox All Kids Games – Catch, Fight, Math – Doug Bixby #RAS2017

Roblox All Kids Games – Catch, Fight, Math – Doug Bixby #RAS2017
In this video we meet the winners of the Roblox KidsCastOnline Contest that is celebrating the 50th birthday of Roblox. In this episode we meet the winners of the Event Creator Contest. We then reveal the winners of the Game Design Contest. And finally, we celebrate the winners of the Game Play Contest.


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When you walk on the beach, play with the waves, swim, walk into water streams and so on, wait for a while. During that time the city will load a new scenario and the wave will be displayed as if it was the city.

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Open your inventory and press CTRL-L.

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Play until the sun sets and walk on the beach. While the sun is setting you can see the cloud on the edges of the sky, like those that are on the screen. Look for them.

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