Roblox is a sandbox game creation platform where users can make virtual games and play them in a browser.
Developed in 2004, Roblox has been used as a tool for learning programming and game development for over a decade. The company has approximately two hundred employees and received nearly $80 million in venture funding during the 2011–2012 tech bubble.
The games are not stored in real servers. Rather, data is stored in users’ browsers. Users access the games through mobile app links or embedded codes. As of June 2013, the games were playable in over 20 different languages and can be played using computers, mobile devices, and tablets.
The game doesn’t feature a head-to-head player but a single player who drops virtual items on the ground that other players can use to make or customize their own items.
The basic premise is that there are no rules. Players are free to create anything they wish. They can buy virtual items with Robux, the virtual currency of Roblox, and use them to customize their game. Players can also visit other players’ games and see what items they have created. The more popular a game is, the more players that can access it.
The name Roblox is a reference to builders from The Fantastic Mr. Fox.
Roblox’s revenue model is based on microtransactions through the virtual currency, Robux. The company uses a percentage of in-game purchases to pay developers.
Roblox was originally released for the basic shareware model of software distribution, in which developers sell their games but do not have the right to redistribute their games with updated versions. Other versions of the game were released that enabled developers to transfer these games to other users. These games could be downloaded files and decompressed by the user.
As of July 2011, Roblox has over 100 games in its catalog. However, many of the games are not programmed by Roblox developers but by third-party developers, also known as “Community Creators.”
Roblox is available for free on Windows and MacOS platforms, and it is planned that it will be released for iOS and Android platforms in the near future.

Roblox Description:
Roblox is an online game creation platform and game-play server. The first published games are called “Community” games, and each user must have their own account. For new users, the “community” creates an account for them. It then allows them to customize


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Game – Roblox

Skip making a character.

While you won’t have access to more amazing things like The Discovery, inventing a better outfit is still a blast. Plus, while you can’t change your character’s appearance as easily as you could before, the best part of this game is the amount of creative freedom you get. Pick a face and some clothes, then you’re good to go. I know you’re thinking, “But that means no stat boosting.” Don’t worry. You still have those, just to customize a look. Really, if you have no intention of creating anything, this is the game to play.


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You can build anything on Roblox, create your own games, characters and worlds. Whether it’s for your kids, friends, family or yourself, being part of the Roblox community is fun and exciting. Create your own adventure in virtual play and explore the endless possibilities in your imagination.

What’s New

Mod Features

Unlimited money

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Admin access

How to hack Roblox?

Open the APK file from your phone ( You need to have GIT installed, once installed, head to your App directory from your phone and open “Android/obb”). Scan the QR code to install GIT, extract it when prompted.

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file. Confirm the installation and the mod will start. Select the game(s) you want to patch.

Roblox MOD APK

Roblox/MOD APK Features

Be a Developer

Manage all aspects of the game, including design, optimization, and licensing. Help the team and other users make the most immersive games possible.

Make Decisions

Create, play, and optimize worlds. Let the community help define the experiences that a game brings.

Unlock the Future

Manage the Roblox development process by helping make decisions, boosting the game’s performance, and refining the UI. You will work on a variety of products, like the game store, the website, and more!

Explore Unlimited Possibilities

Discover amazing worlds and amazing experiences. Together, explore the virtual play and imagination of the Roblox community!

Mod Features

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Extra inventory slots

Admin access

How to hack Roblox?

Open the APK file from your phone ( You need to have GIT installed, once installed, head to your App directory from your phone and open “Android/obb”). Scan the QR code to install GIT, extract it when prompted.

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