Our ultimate goal is to build a global, multiplayer, building-based, virtual playground and creative sandbox. In our opinion, Roblox is the perfect platform to do this, because it is inherently social, accessible, and completely free to use.

Roblox opens up a world of creative freedom where users can create, play, and have fun together within a sandbox environment. They can build, create, code, or just hang out online with their friends. There truly is something for everyone.

What is Robux?

Robux is the currency used in Roblox and can be obtained in game for a variety of in game items, used to purchase in game products, or sold on the Market to other players. Robux can be obtained by downloading the Robux button from the Market or by using real money to purchase Robux with.

Robux is similar to other forms of money with the following differences.

Robux cannot be destroyed.

Robux do not drop. Instead, the currency is automatically generated when you purchase an in-game product or a virtual item.

Robux can be traded with other players on the Market or in game

Robux is lost as soon as you click to close the in game window

Robux are not required to open the Robux Market. You may choose to use real money to purchase Robux, although the option is not required.

To make Robux into cash, you must purchase a one-time Robux button.

Use of Robux is limited to purchasing in game items from the Market.

Robux is a premium currency, meaning that it has a higher value compared to real money when used.

If the game running on your computer is closed, you will not be able to access the Market or use your Robux until you open the game.

Robux Market and Marketplace

The Robux Market allows players to buy and sell virtual goods. The market has no set price for items, instead the market price is set by the seller. The market has no fixed in game expiration date, but there are limits to how many Robux a player can have at any one time.

You can customize your Marketplace and change its functionality through direct editing of the.xml file.

You can opt out of the Marketplace altogether by visiting the options page of the Robux Market. This option is not available to premium users.

You can purchase in


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Here are many great tips and tricks you can apply on Roblox

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Will purchasing Robux get me credit for my Robux, or will I still be stuck with 0?
To purchase Robux is to invest in the game.

Here is my advice to you, buy Robux from a trusted source that has a proven record, be sure to check the reviews of the robux.com website as well. Take your time looking through the website, only buy if you are sure you can trust the seller. Do not buy Robux from someone that will send you robux to your email and it is not in fact Robux you purchased.

Make sure to check the number of Robux you purchased and make sure it is correct. If it is correct it is an authentic Robux send out from Roblox.com to your email address. There have been people that have purchased Robux only to find they are in fact playing with the free robux.

Roblox is a good game and would even be nice if it was free for players to play. But sometimes there are things players have to do in the game to help us become better.

So everyone, starting with the Roblox team, should try to come up with new ways to get robux, especially to help players who are having a hard time. It is the right thing to do and with with the team’s help we can create a better Roblox.

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Once you have successfully installed the APK, you can just relax. Your account will be unlocked the next time you log in to your account. You’re done.

Here is how to download and install the Roblox Player Version 9.0 on Android and iOS devices.

First, open the Google Play Store on your Android phone or tablet.

on your Android phone or tablet. Then search for “Roblox.”

Click on “Install” and complete the installation of the app.

Complete the installation of the app.


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