Roblox is an online virtual world in which players can create and play games and socialize with each other. Players are able to design games and play games with 3D objects. Although the platform is free to play, Roblox has an optional virtual currency called Robux that users can use to purchase game time, game items, virtual costumes, and accessories. Robux is earned by inviting friends to join Roblox, visiting friends’ rooms, or watching advertising videos.

A persistent and regular problem that occurs within the digital world is the problem of platformers, and is usually concerning anything to do with the platform or the controls. This has been a problem as long as there has been a digital platform. There have been platformers since the early days of gaming, where the main objective was to jump from platform to platform. Another common platformer mistake is where the player assumes they know what the control will do, and input is then geared towards making that happen, where the player is more likely to just be running around in circles. To the average player, this should not be an issue, since it’s not readily obvious to the player and they are in the moment of playing.
As a platformer designer, it is up to you to ensure the player understands all the concepts and mechanisms that are required for an effective and complete platform game. If you just ship it, then you are making assumptions on the player, and not allowing them to be successful in game. The early days of platform games were built on the engineers being a bit lazy, and not wanting to work on having enough dev time to get a feel of the platformer done right, but that has not always been the case as games have continued to become more complex.
Doing a good job with the controls in your platformer will allow you to allow your player to be successful in the game, and it will encourage you to find a fun platformer that you can play over and over. It will also allow you to be successful at the platform challenge you are aiming for, whether it be the endless runner, the endless platformer, or even the Timed Run-And-Jump. Some of the aspects that you need to be aware of in controls will be the basics, like jumping, running, and hitting. Without fully understanding the controls, you may find that you can jump, but you can’t run, or you can’t jump but you can only run, or you can’t jump and run, and so on. You will want


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For more cheat codes see the cheat codes section at the bottom of this page.

Roblox Unblocked Cheats

Under Construction


How to place a roof on a custom block

Damage blocks (from a roof!)



Cheats Console

To do: Fly around with your mouse.

Hit the ← and → keys to fly up and down. Click to select terrain.

Up Arrow to fly to the top of the stage.

S to move up.

D to move down.

W to move left.

E to move right.

Return to the ground.


Click to run.


Drag your mouse up to shoot your backpack off.

Controls and other cheats



Turn/To Turn

Press X to throw zombies.

Y to turn the camera.


The inventory of items you are holding.

Main inventory: Boots, gun, jetpack

Backpack: Jetpack

Weapon: Weapon

Gear: Gear


Press Y to store the current state of the game, ready for when you start playing it again. This is useful if you restart the game or a cheater.


Press Y to save the current state of the game.

Use map

Press H to show the map.

Save to map

Press Y to save to the current map location. This is very useful in newer levels.

Plot twist

Press S to go into dark mode.


How to earn free Robux

From the A-Z listing of websites and apps that robux can be earned.


Answer the daily riddles to earn an A for points. There is one every day. The more you answer the more points you earn.

Bloom Z Ball

The goal is to win 4 balls on the flowerbed. You drop your meter. Win balls to fill it up.

Bottomless Beanie

Grab the beanie and stick in the sink. The meter falls. If you have money, you get a 1-up.

The Big Apple

Get all the apples and get the train to the end.


What’s new:


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We’ve been working on Roblox games for a few years. Our early games barely surpassed a handful of downloads per day. We’ve set out to change this with re-launching the Royale studio and streaming the Roblox live-stream every night. If you haven’t checked out the streams you are missing out on a lot of unique (and fun!) content! Today’s stream even had 599k views!

Roblox is a game created by the creative minds at the Maxis Studios. It’s a game designed with a huge play area, and all players have the chance to build, play, or explore the virtual world. You will be able to find games, build awesome things and a lots more!


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