Roblox is an online game platform that allows people to create their own games and play them with others without having to code the games. It is developed by Roblox Corporation, a company based in San Francisco, and is freely available to anyone in the world. The games, referred to as “slots”, are programmed in a simplified version of the Lua programming language, and are designed to function across most of the web browser.
The concept of using web browsers to code games had first been conceived in the 1990s by David Baszucki, who worked with Vladimir Filin at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Unlike other games that ran off of client-server architecture, Roblox games are run in web browsers, and users can play them using just a web browser. This development made Roblox more secure than other gaming platforms, as it reduced the potential for hacking and the need to store and control data on end-user devices.
When Roblox was initially launched in 2006, it was a relatively small platform compared with competing games that were being released at the time. Roblox had a focus on immersion through realistic physics simulation, and was designed for players to feel like they were playing on a large scale game world, rather than in a small area that was specified and controlled by a game developer. Roblox was developed in such a way that players are able to make their own games by using props, characters, and environments. These components were created in an online drag-and-drop editor called the Creator, and downloaded into a desktop client to control.
It is not uncommon for Roblox users to create art, music, and videos, but Roblox was initially primarily a game platform. In May 2010, the company released its first client-side game engine for third-party developers, called RYSK. In September 2013, Roblox launched its first game creation program for iOS, called GameCreator. The game included drag and drop functionality and introspection that allowed users to see how programs work. In December 2013, the company released the official Roblox website, which displayed statistics on user activity, and allowed users to create and save games on its website. Roblox developed an online game launcher, Twirl, in 2013 that allowed children to play Roblox games. In February 2013, the CEO of Roblox made several comments about its expansion. In December 2013, Roblox launched its first Android version of the Roblox website, which


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