Platform: Windows (without source code) | Mac
Version: 1.0 (2.2.3)

PCLinuxOS is a Linux distribution featuring a user interface similar to that of Ubuntu, but emphasizing “Portable Computing”, in the form of a live environment capable of reading from and writing to USB flash drives. PCLinuxOS is based on the SUSE Linux distribution.

PCLinuxOS is a derivative of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES). PCLinuxOS itself uses a custom desktop environment based on GNOME 2, a 2D desktop environment, and the GNOME Control Center rather than using the system’s underlying KDE desktops. The core system of PCLinuxOS is a port of the open source Linux kernel 2.6.32, modified specifically for computers using flash drives.

PCLinuxOS is one of the few Linux distributions capable of booting from and running entirely from a USB flash drive. Additionally, PCLinuxOS does not require internet access to boot, nor does it support certain features that require internet access, such as printer support and SLiMP.

PCLinuxOS’s branding is in line with the “Portable Computing” philosophy, and the distribution’s official website advertises the software to be “Ubuntu with Portable Software Support”.

PCLinuxOS is available for both x86 and x86-64 computers; although a separate version is required for computers with each architecture. PCLinuxOS’s official website states it is targeting low-end hardware, and the distribution specifically targets eighties-era computers.

The Puppy Linux distribution is primarily intended for use on embedded systems that lack a processor with hardware support for virtualization. It is a distribution designed to be based on the Linux kernel, but it focuses on resource efficiency. It was designed to be small and usable on low-memory hardware, and it does not include many system tools or utilities that are commonly found in Linux distributions, such as the GNOME desktop environment or most development tools.

Puppy Linux is designed for use on compact devices such as mobile phones, digital cameras, and video game systems. Puppy Linux is available for ARM-based computers, but it does not support non-ARM hardware, such as x86 hardware. Puppy Linux is compatible with most x86 Linux kernel software, including multimedia software that depends on the X Window System, but it does not include many applications commonly found in Linux distributions.

Puppy Linux


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Use the comments section to share your own cheat codes and tips.

Using this cheat code or secret – Press the JOYPAD button, and click “Toggle Cheat Mode”

To bring back people that delete their game account, you can buy the deleted account back from Delete App.

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Make sure you have three things before starting your robux cheat: Gold and Coins, a Consumable, and a weapon.

If you want an item, you don’t need gold. You just need a friendly robot that can give you this item.

The world is populated with robux miners.

You can get free robux by removing them from the map. Just take a scrubber or TNT and blow up all of them.

After getting the Rock Climber, the Air/Fire/Ice Robo-Slime, and the Flying Machines (all three of which you can just buy from the shop), this is probably the best cheat in the game (in terms of robux).

I’ve never been able to master flying in this game.

The best cheat for speed is to hop. Unfortunately, I’m barely even able to do that for the longest time.

In the ultra secure mode, you can close the item window without being banned.

I’ve been cheating in this game for many years.

You can gain more mass and speed by shooting robots on the map and cut them in half (with TNT). To do this, you must let them hit the ground first.

A lot of people have a glitch where they are invincible while they are flying. Do not fly for long because you can get the glitch.

Once in the mission’s map, turn on all cheats and leave the city.

To get the one-shot, you need 12 stock (preferably new stock) and 5 coins.

You can make a stack of rockets and bombs by combining two of them.


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