Roblox is an online platform game development platform, in which users may develop games using the Roblox programming language.
Create your own game in a few minutes using intuitive tools.
Roblox was released in 2006, and is a skill-based platform game.
Roblox is free to play, with in-game purchases available.
Roblox operates under the domain, and is most commonly referred to as “Roblox”.
Roblox is a skill-based platform game.
Roblox was developed by a team of employees known as “Bloxels”

Roblox Taster is a platform game developed by the Roblox Team. This game was released on January 28, 2016 and the story continues to this day.

The main features for Roblox Taster are:
· 6 Levels
· 5 Episodes
· 6 Bosses
· 1000 Robux
· Level Rewards, which increase as you beat a level.
· Bonus Points as you beat the boss.

These features make this game a great platform to play and create in Bloxel as you can earn rewards, learn the game and improve, once you’re done with this game, you can simply submit your levels, and other people can vote for which is the best!

Roblox Taster requires 500 Skill Points to complete.


You play as Blackchrome, an adventurer who awakens from a dream with a strange mark on his hand. A shadowy figure calls out to him, saying he has been chosen to fight in the fight between good and evil.

You step through a portal that takes you to Blackchrome’s home world. In his fortress, you locate a book that tells you about the adventure called the Fight for Gold, and you team up with five other adventurers to find the guy named Redhead. The team is then confronted by a magical shield that can only be breached using the Claws of the Protector, which will teleport you to and from the other adventure locations.

Other adventures follow, and each requires the correct combination of teams, items, and challenges to successfully complete. Throughout the game, you can earn items and gold, which allow you to purchase upgrades and items. You can also earn experience points (xp) by clearing a level, and they will increase your level.

This game is a little bit challenging for new Bloxels and any beginner


Features Key:


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