Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system that allows users to play and create games and animations entirely by typing scripts written using a programming language called Lua. This leaves users to focus on the gameplay of their games and not dealing with art assets or web servers.
The current version of Roblox is Roblox Studio Alpha, released in 2006. It began as a shareware game development tool available as a standalone application and later for free as an integrated scripting platform.
The game continues to exist today as a platform that allows users to make games, but also as a development tool and distribution platform. The developer-driven model allows users to create games through a web browser, or on mobile or desktop devices using the Roblox Studio application.
As a free to play platform, users are able to create their own games and play user-made creations, or they may choose to use in-game purchases within the game catalog to accelerate their progress. In-game purchases consist of new content, which is highlighted in the New Games section.
The company hosts various games from small themed courses to full-fledged games, from narrative-driven games to pet simulator games. According to the Roblox developer portal, Roblox currently has at least one game in every major gaming genre. Some games are free, while others have various levels of in-game purchases.
Roblox allows players to use custom characters or avatars called MOBs (short for “My Own Bots”). MOBs can be obtained through the in-game currency Robux or purchased using real money. Roblox also has a variety of MOB skins that can be worn and decorated.
Roblox are the primary tools used to create user-generated content on Roblox. The creators primarily use the application’s programming scripting language to make the necessary features to the game. These scripts are stored in a database on the game server and are executed by every user that plays the game. The server manages the data transfer between users and manages the interaction with Roblox’s backend servers.
A number of features are implemented in Roblox, including virtual portals (called, “Towns”), rooms, and their contents (doors and decorations), avatars, avatars, boss fights, character progression (level-ups), in-game characters, multiplayer for gamers, and multiplayer with official developers.
While most games in the Roblox platform are free, there are also a large number of games that require Robux


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