Roblox is a free and multi-player 3D internet game platform, a game creation system, a virtual playground, and an online game community.

It was created in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. The company currently is controlled by J. D. Williams and Maximillion Cooper.

It hosts a wide variety of games that use the Roblox platform, with Minecraft being the most popular. Roblox is offered through a web browser, mobile apps for Android and iOS (with access to all games that run on the Roblox software), Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and a desktop version that is compatible with Windows, OS X, and Linux.

As of August 2020, Roblox had over 164 million monthly active users, including over half of all American children under 16. Roblox had over 30 million daily active users as of August 2020.

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As of August 2020, Roblox has not yet launched a tutorial. If you are confused about how to play on Roblox, here are some important tips for you:

For most Roblox users, the Roblox Android app is the most comfortable way to play Roblox games. Open it and you can find games, friends, and chat. You can also buy Robux (their in-game money) and VR experience by pressing the red heart icon.

For some new players, you can download the browser version of Roblox, which is also very easy and user-friendly.

For other players, you can open the Roblox website and choose a game you want to play. There are many Roblox games in different genres, such as adventure games, action games, platform games, puzzle games, and casual games. You can play Roblox directly on your browser or you can download the desktop version of the game to play.

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Hey guys! sorry for those who have subscribed and i havent gave any official notice.
I’ll be using this channel to share my current hobbies, interests, and sometimes me playing other games as well.
well i’ll try to post my daily interests from time to time because we just cannot deny our own interests.
I’ll try to have some gaming videos from time to time and play some casual games which are already on roblox
Ill be sure to give you the best & funniest content i can possibly make
So, dont hesitate to comment and enjoy the video if its helpful for you!!!
Here are my socials:

Hey guys!
sorry for those who have subscribed to my channel and i havent gave any official notice.
I’ll be using this channel to share my current hobbies, interests and some funny videos.
I’ll try to post gaming videos from time to time and play some casual games which are already on roblox
Ill be sure to give you the best & funniest content i can possibly make
So, dont hesitate to comment and enjoy the video if its helpful for you!!!
Here are my socials:

Funny games created by me for you to enjoy.
These games are created for mobile phones (Android and iOS) so they may appear laggy at times.
Choose your characters and make the best game out of yourself and your friends.

published:07 Feb 2018


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Roblox is an immersive social gaming experience where players create their own worlds,
and then explore it with friends on a variety of mobile and desktop platforms.
Players can use in-game coins to purchase builder packs, real-world money to donate to their favorite causes, and premium accounts to become the ultimate builder.
Today, almost 4 million players have joined Roblox.
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Chris Brown – Robux [Official Lyric Video]
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Roblox Tutorials. All Tutorials, Guides and tips in this channel contain a link to Roblox website. Visit Roblox,
It is an immersive 3D game studio where millions of users are creating their own games!
Build a dream, imagine it it is reality!

published:14 Nov 2011


Play Roblox as a kid, no Sign Up necessary. Roblox Kids currently have no account required.

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Roblox is an immersive 3D game studio that was founded by David Sacks and his team in 2005. Its headquarters are in San Mateo, California, a satellite city under the San Francisco Bay Area.
The company is best known for its live service children’s game “Roblox” where players assume the roles of toy owners and build and design their own virtual worlds.
The company’s platform allows users to download and personalize content through community building, events or in-game purchases. As of November 2016, Roblox is the largest Social Platform in North America to date. It is estimated that Roblox has been downloaded over 10 billion times in its six-year history and its playerbase is active at almost any given time (up to 500,000 concurrent players at once).
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