A-Z Top’s song “Ain’t Life Sweet” plays at the start of the game. In the game there are several self-explanatory blocks like grass, dirt, metal, etc. You can also find items such as arrows and shovels. In the beginning, you have to dig up some of the dirt in order to dig up the stone. You can get stone by being in the dirt while holding a shovel. By breaking the stone, you can also get the spider eggs, which create spiderlings.
In the beginning, you can dig one tunnel between two dirt blocks. The tunnels will be the size of the shovel you are currently using, with the larger shovel having the bigger tunnel. There’s also the dirt block from the A-Z Top song, but digging through that will give you nothing. You have to dig through the dirt blocks and past the egg blocks to get the spider eggs. Then you can get a spider. The first spider will be weak but it will learn to kill the wargames.
Wargames appear randomly with other wargames in different colors like red, blue, green, or yellow. Wargames don’t stand idle like normal blocks, but use attacks towards the enemy wargames, which are located somewhere on the map. Once a wargame is hit by a normal block or a shovel, it will move to a collision stop. After the wargame comes to a stop, you can get the “Attack!” button or you can just hit the wargame with a normal block. After the wargame is attacked, it will learn a new technique and become stronger. If a wargame is attacked by all the other wargames, it will die and disappear from the map.
The wargames will learn to use different techniques:
-Sprint. After a wargame is used in a sprint attack, it will run on the screen while spitting out dirt.
-Hurricane. After a wargame is used in a hurricane attack, it will dig a hole and spit out dirt.
-Ninja. After a wargame is used in a ninja attack, it will run on the screen while spitting out dirt.
-Fire. After a wargame is used in a fire attack, it will stand still and shoot a fireball.
-Blowtorch. After a wargame is used in a blowtorch attack, it will stand still and shoot a fire


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*Raising most game issues to a Red status will increase your chances of a live response. Not all work is currently tracked in Red. You can pick your issue from the list or report it to myself via the R6 discussion page or myself on Discord.

*Red Marks a bug or game issue that needs fixed. Blue Marks a game issue that only requires beta information to be worked on. Pink Marks a new mod/game feature/game update that is currently being worked on.

*This is an unofficial, unsupported fan mod of the game. I am not affiliated with NetherRealm Studios or Microsoft in any way and all content belongs to them.

I do not work for them. All I am is a fan and keep up-to-date with things that can affect the game.


How to install the Mod

Current Issues

All the features of the mod (apart from the patch) work. However, the sound which plays when you get in-game achievements is not working. The other sound effects work just fine, just the sound effect that plays when you get achievements is missing. My patch will add in this sound effect.

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