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Roblox is a freemium 3D game platform with more than 162 million monthly active users. Users can create and run their own games, and many other users can play user-created games. Robux, the virtual currency of Roblox, can be used to purchase virtual items and premium features for the game. Robux can also be spent on applications on, on Roblox forums, and other platforms and games in the Roblox ecosystem. Roblox offers more than 30 genres of games, each targeted to a different audience, such as action games, role-playing games, simulation games, strategy games, sports games, and more. Roblox games are highly customizable and can be based on various themes, including movies, television shows, books, video games, music, video games, or toys.
Roblox Games:
Roblox has been praised for its games, which have been compared to those of HTML5, Unity, and Newgrounds. Roblox’s educational games for kids, however, have been criticized for being too similar to games such as Poptropica and elementary textbook-like simulations. Roblox also has a platform for game development called Gamelab. Games are organized in “rooms,” which can be customized with themes, music, lighting, enemies, emotes, etc.
The magic of Roblox is how our imagination runs wild with our own creativity and personal style to create a fun game experience, as well as a new world of excitement. We encourage all players to be imaginative and unleash their creativity with Roblox. The dreamlike nature of Roblox helps foster a sense of freedom in the user.
Roblox – Jobs – Oceanic Union
Roblox Job Description:
Plan, design, and develop strategies to win the game.
Create rich game experiences.
Focus on game balance and overall optimization.
Create compelling and original game concepts.
Evaluate game worlds and environments.
Create awesome and unique game characters.
Develop smart game AI.
Execute game features and enhancements.
Support game teams.
Support new game features and enhancements.
Treat a player-customized game experience with respect.
Support the game development team.
Arrive on time for the scheduled shift.
Maintain clean work areas.
Maintain clean work clothes.
Provide great customer service.
Use methodical work habits.
Actively use social media.


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CheatNo.1 To get more robux: – change it in your account to “casual” or “mech” mode, and then log in again.
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CheatNo.3 To get a lot of perks quickly: – After download, change your account to casual, you need to have men count from 1 to 6, on the menu, choose “Logging in”. After logging in, choose the member, which can’t play any game, then choose “reset profile”. Choose the number of men and the changes will be applied at once.
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Roblox is a game platform, which is a part of the Roblox online social gaming network from New York and London, United Kingdom and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is developed by the Roblox company, led by Brandon Nutt, CEO and can be played on smartphones, desktops, mobile phones or other devices online.
There are at least 7 million Roblox players: girls, boys and adults who play their games as a fun and entertainment and practice their social communication skills, but also as a profession in the Roblox region as a software developer.


Sunday, May 18, 2012

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