The Game Engine of Roblox is based on the Lua programming language. The engine supports the Lua 5.2 version with several extensions to extend the language. Lua supports a high level of customization, and code can be easily ported from other programming languages. Roblox content is supported with a graphics editor called “Blocks,” which is used to create game assets in Flash or HTML5, and a game engine that has been ported to many platforms.


Robby Brothers was founded in 2002 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel, in San Diego, California. The two met while studying game design at Arizona State University and had worked on the first-person shooter game Crash (1998) and Goldeneye 007 (2001). Robby Brothers was created as Roblox to develop social games for the European market. The company was later renamed Roblox because it was felt that the name “Robby Brothers” was deemed less popular in the United States. Roblox was an abbreviation of “robots on rails,” which was supposed to help with marketing the company.

Robby Brothers originally developed games for Windows and Mac OS, but later added games for the iPhone and Android, as well as other platforms. Robby Brothers released the first PC game ever produced, Robby’s Hangman, in April 2004. Roblox was released in 2006, and the first game for the platform was Boombox. In 2009, the company’s first profitable game was Advanced Geometry Dash. By March 2010, the company was profitable, and by August it had a valuation of over $200 million. By March 2014, Roblox had made over $30 million per month and had over 20 million users.


Robby Brothers is a privately held company that is based in San Diego. The company’s headquarters are located in a business park at 49560 Vaught Road, Chula Vista, California. Roblox is free to play, although it contains in-app purchases. Robux is the game’s virtual currency, and it can be used for purchases from the in-game shop, or to purchase items and services in the Roblox Marketplace. The purchase of Robux is not required to create games for Roblox.

Aside from games, Roblox can also be used to create a user account, which allows users to create games and make money from them. Users can also purchase custom themed avatar clothes for Rob


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Roblox Wiki: Robux and Robux balance

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Using the set path to a self-defined method in rails?

I defined a method that will look like this:
def self.my_class_method
first_index = self.find(:first).index

In the file I’m using that method, I do something like this:

I’m getting this error:
undefined method `find’ for #

I’m very new to Ruby. Could someone please explain how this is supposed to work? I’m not sure if I’m using self-defined methods, the find method, or some other method correctly.


My method exists, I just forgot to define it.
The find method is one of the methods that is returned in the results of a Rails ActiveRecord query (as self.scoped). I’m assuming that’s why I was using self.my_object.scoped even though I was sending :self.


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