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Roblox is a free-to-play, browser-based massively multiplayer online game (MMO) platform developed by Roblox Corporation and released in 2006.[1][2] In the platform, users create games and play them.

The games created in Roblox are programmed in the programming language Lua, which can be accessed by users from their browser.[3] Created games are hosted on both the server and user’s machine. Users can also upload their own Lua games that can be played by other players or downloaded by other users to their own machines.

Roblox was founded by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel in 2004 as a source of entertainment for their younger siblings, while working on a video game called Island 52 (currently only available for streaming purposes) using their programming experience with the game development platform Game Maker.[4] After relocating to Seattle, Washington, the company focused on building the game online where they found an audience that lacked the exposure to other games. Roblox was one of the earliest games to launch with streaming capabilities and its original release allowed users to play games streamed from YouTube.[5]

In 2006, when release Roblox to the public, it was characterized as a virtual theme park.[6][7]
In 2007 Roblox was one of five finalists for the Youth Entrepreneur Award.[8]

In 2008, Roblox released Roblox Studio which allowed users to make games within their own browser without downloading external clients.[9] During the introduction of Roblox Studio, Erik Cassel stated that the future of Roblox Studio would be to create a developer marketplace, allowing multiple third-party developers to work on their own games.[10]

In 2010, Roblox launched its first product: Roblox for Sony’s PlayStation 3, marking their first foray into the games console business.[11]

When asked why he would donate over half of his net worth to a good cause, Baszucki stated “to give back in a big way that helps people to feel good and play together”.[12]

Initially, Roblox had a clear beginning and end planned for users: it was created as a place for their siblings to play video games and ended when their younger siblings wanted to create their own video games.
In April 2009, Erik Cassel stated that if Roblox were to be acquired, Roblox would offer a large amount of freedom for


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We strictly follow the rules and regulations given by google. We always proceed with abundance of caution and place an active duty of prevention against accidental or deliberate violations.
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We are not an automated robux generator. Our script is programmed in such a way that keeps the user completely anonymous and confidential.
To get free robux in AddictingGames we use the most powerful and tested Robux Generator on the internet.
Once youre done with robux generator youll be redirected to the in-game paypal page where you can purchase a PRO account to play unlimited games.

How it works:
To generate robux, we scan the game by using a robot which is programmed to search for patterns and followed by stealing our premium account credentials. We then get your account login information.

What is a robot?

A robot is a program that runs automatically without the need for any human intervention, which most often moves the mouse cursor on screen, but can also perform operations on data files.

How can you detect a robot in AddictingGames?

There are certain features of a robot that you can look for to detect if your game is being rooted or hacked. These features are :

– The game is not hosting the robux generator on one of its server.
– The price of robux is not listed in the game
– The game displays a message saying that the application has been updated or new version released
– The game does not show you a security padlock
– The game does not have an “Exit” option
– The game does not detect when you stop the game, it may have the same problems

HOW TO GET free robux

Our robux generator is based on programmed pattern search which is executed in the background of your game. This means that we do not need to make any changes to your game.

Register a free account and start the robux generator! You can stop the process anytime by clicking the red X. When the robux generator is done, we will transfer our account login information to your account. You will be redirected to the game payment page where you can purchase a PRO account to play unlimited games.

After signing up, you will be prompted with a few questions to verify your account and make sure it is not a PRO account. If your account passes the human verification, you will be redirected to the game login page.


Can You Get Free Robux 2021 Crack + License Key

Note: These are Roblox roulette tricks for iOS. For android, please check Reddit or ask someone else!

Why is my roblox cheats not working?

According to our users, the biggest reason is RoSys. If you don’t want to buy any RoSys hacks for Roblox, you can use our application.
Make sure you have RoSysLite installed on your device.
Before you can play cheats, you will need an account at This is where you will most likely access your backup files in the event of data loss. Go to, and create a new account.
Once your RoSysLite is installed and running, open the application. Click “hack,” and then enter your account information.
The second method is to download a RoSys cheat code generator, and enter your game ID and your password for your account. This is the most fool-proof way to cheat on roblox!

Download our cheat code generator

Modify your roblox game settings

Edit the following files:

configuration.cfg – This is located in Roblox > Documents > Roblox > Settings > Local Machine > Configuration


roblox.txt – This is located in Roblox > Documents > Roblox > Settings > Local Machine > Configuration

Video Testimonials


I was really confused as to what happened to my accounts.
I was told that Roblox installed their own cheating software to my device, after my girlfriend and I bought a year’s worth of Robux and we have not used any of it.
We had over 10k Robux, all of it used up, it was all gone.
My girlfriend and I were really upset about it as we were planning to buy something to our faces.
To my surprise I learnt that Roblox cheats software worked on my iPhone 7! It worked out that the hackers use it.

After using that cheats, I couldn’t stop playing the game. I immediately started playing on YouTube videos.
It was on the small screen, but I had no longer a need to stick to Roblox website as I was playing with cheats.
My Robux kept on accumulating because of the money I earned and used to buy gifts


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Are all robux websites safe?

Welcome to Roblox! In this guide we will answer all these questions. Especially the How to get free robux. Keep reading to learn more!

What is Robux?

Robux (pronounced like the word robot) are the currency of Roblox. They can be used to buy stuff from other players or from in-app purchases.

Besides using Robux to unlock items on the ground floor, some players are using bots to earn Robux by playing games.

These bots are called Roblox Bots or Crackers. They can perform a series of actions in an automated fashion, based on predefined rules or scenarios.

After playing against a cracked bot, the player is rewarded with robux, which can be used to unlock items, buy in-app items, access premium content, and more.

However, when the bot is cracked, the person behind the bot can see the robux and cash out using money or other payment options.

An example is if a site would pay users per robux earned; with the bot, the user would earn more. Instead the website would sell the robux and make money.

This is called trading in-game currency and is often called “money laundering” by players.

But some players are making free robux by cracking, and those will be discussed later.

Robux Scams and Free Robux Sites

A major problem with Robux is that they can be used in Roblox games and website owners aren’t entirely transparent about it.

And, there is a possibility to hack and use free robux for other purposes.

In short, there can be scams that use free robux to make money, or it can just be a simple means to earn free robux.

This is because of how Robux is managed inside the Roblox platform.

In Roblox, Robux have a value in the real world. If someone pays for something with real world money, then they can redeem their real-world money and get Robux in return.

The real-world currency is called “RLX”. It is a token that can be traded on exchanges to get real-world money.

In the game, players can redeem real-world money for RLX. RLX can then be used to buy in-app items,


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