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Roblox is the creation platform that gives people the opportunity to program their own game, that can be played by anyone online. Roblox was created in 2004 by David Baszucki and Erik Cassel. It allows kids to create their own games and play online with their friends. Within the platform, players are given special powers that enable them to create their own game worlds that they can explore.
Built in a Lego-inspired style, the interface is intuitive and not necessarily learning-intensive. There are three screens in the player’s Robux account: the home screen, which allows players to review their account’s friends, program games, play games programmed by other users, and navigate the Roblox server; the items menu, which allows players to explore the items that are already programmed within their games; and the item inventory, which allows players to program new items and create new game worlds.
Programming for Roblox is simple, and any player can make a game. Because Roblox has a low bar to entry, anyone can simply play the games designed by other players and take part in the online community.
Players are given four special powers that enable them to program and create their own games and play other user-created games. Each player has the ability to: create their own game, create their own game world, teleport to other players’ games, and take screenshots of themselves and others in their games. Players also have the option to take screenshots of themselves and their fellow players, which allow players to share their creations with others.
Users can create their own game worlds in order to play the games that have been created by others. With the creation of a new game world, it can take several days for players to download the game world’s programming.
Every Roblox game consists of 13 blocks. Each block has the color of either red or blue. Some blocks are special, such as “exit blocks” that allow players to leave a game they have been playing.
Users can also make their own games by programming their own blocks and connecting them together. When a program is complete, it is uploaded to the server where other players may add to it or play it.
Players can access the creator mode in order to invite friends to make games and play their creations.
Users can make games that run on all platforms, including mobile phones. An HTML version of the platform also exists, which allows developers to make games that can be accessed through a


Name free without verification
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Rating 4.32 / 5 ( 2385 votes )
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