In the four-and-a-half-minute video, the Los Angeles-based startup is shown working from a whiteboard, with a cubicle serving as the backdrop. Random News shows three people talking to the camera, including David Cassel, who is sitting in the center, wearing a blue shirt. John Jung, founder of Random News, takes the lead in the video.
“We were wanting to discover who our audience is and what they were into. The hypothesis was pretty straightforward. What would happen if you had a newsroom that could transform into any type of media property?” he says. “You take a newsroom and you create your own media properties, then you publish them and you make money.”
Cassel is a senior product manager at Random, which was started in 2010. “For almost seven years, we have focused on experimenting with different news media, but didn’t decide to do anything about them. We found a couple ideas that we liked, but didn’t have the resources to start up, and now we have this opportunity to build this thing.
“It’s a good thing,” he says. “It’s an exciting thing.”
The camera then focuses on a piano in the background. Cassel speaks to it and says, “Well, you play music.” As the camera pans around the room and the piano is followed by a desk with a typewriter and a storage cabinet, Cassel says, “We’ve been working on this thing for about three years.” He continues, “It came out of the same experimentation that we did with the newsroom. We wanted to figure out, what would a newsroom look like if it didn’t have to focus on news?
“We wanted to figure out what made us successful as a newsroom,” he continues, “and then learn how the rest of media worked.” The camera then pivots to Jung standing in front of a whiteboard, where he points and says, “We’re going to talk about acquisitions. We want to start with acquisitions.” He then says that he has 24 hours to finish the concept.
“It’s really important that you’re being thoughtful and you’re thinking about what you’re doing,” he says. “If you have a concept, it’s very important that you’re prototyping it. You’re trying to figure out what it would feel like to play it and what it would feel like to read it and what it would feel like to consume it, and what it would feel like to watch it


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MELBOURNE, Australia (TIPOffices) – Tuesday, June 8, 2013 – The Australian government has paid tribute to Nelson Highton by awarding him a posthumous Order of Australia (AO) for his contribution to tennis as a player, administrator, coach and commentator.

“Our nation salutes Nelson Highton’s life and his lasting contribution to tennis,” said Minister for Industry, Science and Resources, Senator Kim Carr.

“This well-deserved recognition of his talents by the Prime Minister and the Minister for Immigration, Kevin Andrews, emphasises the importance of competition and the right to sport for all Australians.”

Nelson Highton was the founding father of Australian tennis. He was the first person to win the Australasian Championships in Adelaide in 1891 and was the leading player at the turn of the century. During World War I, he opened the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) in 1921, which is the major sports and physical education centre for amateur and professional athletes across Australia.

He was a World Tennis Federation (WTF) senior referee (1936-61), FISTA chief referee (1956-62), World Tennis Association Council president (1957-58), chair of the Australian Lawn Tennis Association (1957-58), chair of the International Tennis Federation (1959-62), and board member of the Victorian Sports Commission (1966-69). He was appointed a WTA Ambassador in 1994 and was a member of the Australian Sports Commission (1994-2000).

For his work as an administrator, referee and chief referee, Highton was awarded a Sports Australia Special Service Award in 2000.

“The Prime Minister and the Minister for Immigration, Kevin Andrews, present Nelson Highton’s family with this well-deserved recognition of his talents and contribution to Australia”, said Mr Andrews. “The Hightons are deserving of this special gift to honour the values of Australian tennis, of their family name and our nation’


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