Play as a detective in a sandbox environment and investigate mysteries through over 20 different cases. To solve the cases, you’ll search for clues in the environment using a first-person view. First-person view in Roblox gives you an authentic detective experience with a unique perspective on your virtual environment.You’ll be able to read text prompts, examine objects and interact with your environment using speech. By searching through your environment and scanning items, you’ll be able to interact with the world using text, images, and object recognition. To progress through the mystery, you’ll have to solve puzzles, find evidence and use your logic to piece together the mystery. You’ll use your first-person perspective to uncover hidden clues in your environment and find your way through this frightening world. In the Play Menu, you’ll find an option called “Roblox Detective Stories”, which is where you’ll find over 20 different mysteries. Each mystery contains over 10 different cases, along with several endings.
You and your friends can play together using your mobile device or laptop computer. You can choose to play alone or with friends and work together to solve mysteries.
• Play Together with Friends and Family. Connect with your friends and family to play the same game on the same device, or play together from different devices using cross-platform play.
• Explore an Entire Neighborhood. As a detective in a sandbox environment, explore the city of Hastings as a kid would, taking in every detail of this immersive world.
• Wonder What Happened? The Mystery of an Abandoned Kingdom. Discover the mystery of an abandoned kingdom and take on an adventure that’ll give you a glimpse into the past.
• Vast Data Management. Keep track of more information than you can possibly believe, just like an actual detective!
• Lots of Friends. Play games with up to 3 friends simultaneously on the same device.
• Voice Acting. Play in your own voice!
• You’re a Real Detective, with a Real Detective’s Strobe Light!
• You’ll be Encouraged to Crawl!
• You’ll Need Robux. Robux is the virtual currency that you can earn by playing games or doing things that you’ll do anyway. Robux can be used to purchase Robux Items, which are fun rewards that help you reach your goals. You’ll also earn Robux while


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Roblox is an online game where members can have fun with their friends. No annoying ads, no paywalls and no time limits. Play free online games, create and share, vote for games, take part in discussions, and more. Roblox is full of surprises for kids and adults alike.
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Suicide Gamers Are Welcome to enter the Suicide Games of a Lotus.
Suicide Games is an organized gaming tournaments where it offers a chance for players to prove who is the best player in their respective or arena.
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About Suicide Games :
• Suicide Games are organized by the Suicide Team
• They are usually conducted as Leagues or Tournaments.
• The winning of players are rewarded with items that may be of use in the game.
• One of the most notable areas of the DeathGames Arena is that there is NO CHEAT.
• Each player can enter into the DeathGames Arena and can attempt to win the tournament.

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Using real world examples, you will learn everything about cheating in Roblox, how it’s done, how to avoid it, and what tools you can use to stop it.

In this tutorial you will learn:
• What the different types of cheats are.
• What kind of cheats are applicable to Roblox games, and which game they are applicable for.
• How to detect cheats.
• How to disable cheats and how to report them.
• How to create a cheat for a Roblox application.

1. What is cheating?
Cheating or hacking is the illegal act of modifying a game and/or cheating it in anyway. This is usually done to gain an unfair advantage over other players. In some cases it involves the use of cheats. The most common form of cheating or hacking is the use of a cheat for any single game


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