Roblox is a software platform and game creation tool that allows people to create their own 3D games or apps. At its heart, Roblox does not want to replace the video game consoles that the industry is known for, nor do they want to make the games on their platform as reliant on their own servers. The company wants their platform to be independent, granting them some freedom to create the games they want to create, and less of a concern for some unforeseen event interfering with their user experience.
Roblox is free to download and play, but its monetization model is driven by an in-game currency called Robux. The more users are playing, the more Robux is in circulation, which can be redeemed for virtual items, such as in-game weapons and clothing. The in-game currency is Roblox-specific and cannot be used in any other games. Roblox’s virtual items are the central focus of the Roblox experience. They include decorative items, different-colored hats, specialized hats, and weapons to assist in gameplay, such as a flame-throwing mask. Robux can also be used to purchase an in-game subscription, allowing players to access all of the platform’s content as opposed to a limited set of items for free.

Roblox Features:

Roblox is a free-to-use website that has three main sections. The Games section is where users can play user-created Roblox games. They can either play solo or play with friends. To play with friends, users must link their Roblox account to Facebook or Roblox Accounts. The Creative section allows users to browse and download other user-created content, such as creative assets, skins, decorations, and parts. Users can also create custom characters, hairstyles, and accessories, or import avatar items from Facebook or other social platforms. The Developer tab allows players to play with their own in-game developers, allowing them to write content and use the game’s features to create in-game simulations and games.
In addition to the aforementioned features, Roblox offers a full suite of platform-related features, such as cloud saves for players, a global chat system, and the ability to host tournaments or contests. Roblox also has a Developer app that allows developers to access all three sections of the website, customize their browsers, and generate game metrics.

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SpongeBob turns 10! It’s also his BIRTHDAY! But, he decided to make it as awesome as possible — by robbing a cool new radio station, the Ocean Radio, that everyone is talking about!

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SpongeBob is extremely sad. When his friends see him crying, they try to cheer him up. Each brings him a present: a balloon, doughnuts, a jellyfish. SpongeBob is so happy!

But he isn’t; he feels like a lonely kid. SpongeBob sends out an SOS. Squilliam says that maybe SpongeBob isn’t a real person — which makes SpongeBob furious! As these things happen, SpongeBob’s BIRTHDAY video begins to play.

Then, just when it seems he’s about to have fun, Squidward and his family come over! As they move away, SpongeBob’s BIRTHDAY video is over.

Since everyone in this virtual world is a star, SpongeBob wants to be a star too! He sends out an SOS.

As the SOS continues to ring, SpongeBob begins to drown. Mr. Krabs helps him. So does Patrick. SpongeBob finally realizes he could have been super-successful had he only waited for help. Instead, he got depressed.

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Krusty Krab thinks that being a star is okay — but not a Krusty Krab star. The doorbell rings! SpongeBob’s BIRTHDAY video plays. Mr. Krabs says that SpongeBob could be in a real-life situation that would be just like his virtual situation.

SpongeBob puts on a fake smile and walks to the door to give a “surprise” party.


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