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Wincrime [ July 20, 2018 10:37 AM ]

After a few minutes, I realized that he had merely wound up the legs.

“The day had dawned before them, a red day, but nobody knew what would happen that day. Neither Danny nor I knew what would happen that day.

“But why? Why would Danny be alive?” As Travis was asking the question, a greasy smile came to his face.

The men all around Mr. Carrigan were straining their eyes to see.

Radiating his own brand of vibrancy, he started to shimmy with the music, jumping from one hoof to another, dancing with his head bobbing and his eyes never leaving that dancing body.

“It’s a kid.

“He was a kid.

‘What have you got there?’ Becky said, stepping over.

“Kaleidoscope, man, it’s got a kaleidoscope.” Travis raised his head and glowered at her.

‘He’s deaf, Travis,’ I replied.

‘So don’t talk to him, silly.’

Travis turned to look at Becky.

‘Maybe he understands what you’re saying,’ Becky said, smiling.


“What we know, is that Danny’s survived his fall over the cliff.

“As for how he got here, I can’t say, but we have to get him to the clinic.

“His pulse is still quite weak, but he’s breathing steadily.

“Danny’s a fighter.

“I know it.” Becky’s smile faded as she looked at Travis.

“Fine, but if you don’t tell me what’s happening you’re to stay back.”

“That’s cool,” Dave said, grinning.

Becky stood back, looking annoyed.

‘Look, Becky,’ Travis said,’maybe we should get a bite to eat and then we can talk.’

‘I’m going to come along.

‘It’s too dangerous to leave an injured person,’ Travis replied.

‘I’m with him,’ Becky said.

Travis looked at Becky.

‘Fine, you stay here with the kid and if you want to get into trouble, then you

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What should I do???


As per the logs – missing parts of path or missing dll’s are part of the problem.
Make sure you have 4.5 dlls and are in the folder that contains the dlls.

Other News

Formidable feline has a ‘green’ side

Temperamental cat claims to be the greenest feline around

A green-furred feline is claiming to be a champion for conservation in Wellington.

“Nature on my last camping trip was a little more than moderate and this place is extra-nature,” said Cameron McKenzie.

As the volunteer leader of Wellington Friends for Whangamata and Redcliffe Marine Park, it was not unusual for McKenzie to set aside time for his local conservation causes, especially as he recently worked on the successful Operation Seaforth campaign to bring a Marine Park to the rocky shores of the Mokai Peninsula.

Cameron McKenzie with Cameron’s Green Cat, which recently completed a swim to help raise awareness of Marlborough’s mangroves.

“The marine park is a project I’ve worked on for five years, so it’s pretty special to see it come to fruition. Maybe I can turn my green cat into the new face of conservation – a fluffy little feline one, with a green head.”

A 2011 Department of Conservation and Recreation report put the number of New Zealand’s marine protected areas (MPAs) at 16.

There are 30 islands within the Whangamata and Redcliffe Marine Park, boasting some 16,000 acres of pristine islands that have little to no connection to the mainland.

“It’s a paradise for the sea birds and the rest of the world. I once saw a petrel with eight chick chicks; it was just amazing,” said McKenzie.

The main land support for the MPA is Whangamata’s Wainuiomata Marine Reserve, which stretches from the tide line out to Point Waikawa. An estimated 97 per cent of the Wainuiomata Marine Reserve is marine and about 97 per cent of its sub-tidal area is classified as an ‘ecological zone’.

Currently, Whangamata’s marine reserve is home to kahawai and kereru that provide an excellent

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