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gRPC client.serviceCall not returning error

I have a simple RPC that I’m trying to make with gRPC. I’m using the python client against a Java server
Java Code:
def sync(self):
opts = gRpc.Int32()
arg = 4

server_request = service.SyncClient(‘localhost’, 8080)
server_response = server_request.serviceCall(


Python Code:
client_call_args = (


Sep 12, 2011. Game, and to access the official No-CD and patched versions of the game,. an 80mb No-CD patch that uses most. system that is running Windows Vista or later is no longer supported. (We can,.
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Set your priority to the taskbar to move it out of the way of your mouse. Having the taskbar visible is incredibly annoying.
Boot to the CD and start your game by clicking the Enter button on the top row of the keyboard. On my system, this takes me to the title screen…
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NFS Pro Street No DVD Patch/Repair Without Need for Speed: ProStreet is protected by SafeDisc retail DRM that no longer functions properly on Windows Vista and later. This means that there is no licensed version.
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