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SMART AIR CRUISER & ACQUISITION, INC.Aerospace Airtanker SC-20 Black Eagle are ready to perform at the best of their ability and make the most of their performance with the logbook and maintenance manual.
On the flight training page and related pages, you will find online manuals, applications, aircraft schematics, and other solutions from NASATS (NATCA’s flight training division).

Heavy-Duty Trucking Elevator That Operates On One Cable

Inverter Technologies Inc. (OTCBB: ITI), a leading supplier of power inverters, chargers, and battery systems to the transportation industry, is pleased to announce that it has been named a Platinum Level Finalist in the 2011 IPL Award Category of the Power Lifter Magazine™™s 2010 IPL Awards Program,

The Hyundai (HH) 87C-7C1 (or HA-200D) is the latest in a line of OH-6D Cayuse helicopters manufactured by the ­Choctaw­ Company. The Airborne Heavy Transport Helicopter Company has the greatest potential for success of any of the three flying prospects, joining the Hughes 460/500 in the role of heavy

The new call came right before the Vietnam War had ended. The president had worked with all of the cabinet members to reassure them that if they became involved in the action, and there was a reasonable chance of the war ending in their favor, it would help with their future careers.This invention relates to magnetic disc drive systems and is more particularly concerned with servo systems used in such systems.
Recent advances in the magnetic recording media art allow magnetic storage systems to be used for large amounts of data, without a prohibitive cost to data density. However, the continuing trend of higher data density may require even further increases in magnetic recording head design and performance.
In a magnetic disc drive system, a read/write head is often placed in close proximity to one or more magnetic recording discs, which are typically encased in a housing. One or more of the recording discs are mounted on a spindle and rotated at high speeds by means of a motor at a constant speed. The distance between the head and the disc is maintained very small and the head is supported in close proximity to the disc surface by means of an air bearing. The drive is thus a “flying” head type system.
The requirement for closely controlled positioning of the


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HTC Vive Review: The Future of VR

Vega Strike

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With the release of the Radeon RX 580 and some price reductions the new RX 580’s will be pushing the R9 390/390X to the brink of obsolescence. We’ve already talked about them in our Radeon RX 580 review.Q:

php strtotime not giving the correct time when date format is 1 week

In my mysql I have two fields “Start” datetime and “End” datetime. I want to calculate the time difference in seconds. I am using the strtotime to give me the difference. The problem is when I use this code, it gives me the difference but in weeks instead of hours.
$time = strtotime($row[‘End’]);
$time1 = strtotime($row[‘Start’]);
$time2 = $time1 – $time;
$difference = $time2 / 3600;

This gives me the difference in hours:
1388067600 -> 1388035400 -> -18000
If the the column has the data 2/26/16 2:44 PM this code gives me the difference:
1388067600 -> 1388044900 -> -180000
Is there a way to use the correct difference without doing any format conversions?


Try this:
$difference = strtotime($row[‘End’]);
$time2 = strtotime($row[‘Start’]);
$difference = $difference – $time2;

The strtotime returns a number.

// MBColorText.m
// MBColorTextFramework
// Created by Marcus Buck on 4/1/13.
// Copyright (c) 2013 Marcus Buck. All rights reserved.

#import “MBColorText.h”

@implementation MBColorText

//return a fill color string
– (NSString *) fillColorString {
return fillColor;

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