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Laravel Eloquent Model ->all() or has() ou eloquent->get()

Situation: I have a table “Foo” and another “Bar”.
In Bar I have an attribute “barCode”. In Foo I have a column barCode and I want to select the rows from Foo where the barCode is equal to the barCode attribute of the Bar model.
I would expect to do something like this.
$foos = Foo::where(‘barCode’, ‘=’, Bar::where(‘barCode’, $barCode)->first());

But I get the error, that it cant find the method get() or all().
Do you have an idea how to call this method with the right syntax?
And another question: If I do something like this:
$foos = Foo::with(‘Bar’)->where(‘barCode’, ‘=’, Bar::where(‘barCode’, $barCode)->first());

How can I select the “Bar” items that the “Foo” has a relationship with?
Thank you for any hints!


Laravel has a great documentation on querying with relationships on their official page. I have added the code provided there below for your reference.
$article = App\Article::with(‘authors’)->where(‘title’, ‘=’, ‘Test article’)->get();

Note the get() in the end. If you want to check your articles, use for example for() instead:
$articles = App\Article::for($page)->where(‘title’, ‘=’, ‘Test article’)->get();

As for your second question, this is done by using the with() function on the factory:
$article = App\Article::with(‘’)->where(‘title’, ‘=’, ‘Test article’)->get();

That’s it!


Why is my commandline app synchronous?

I want to build a commandline utility that can be run asynchronously, but when I run it in the debugger, it is always synchronous.
Even when I call it

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