I need a pdf document which is 4 pages, it has figures at the first page.There are 3 tables in the page. I need to insert another page with these tables. PDF file format is easy to edit. We don’t have any illustrator or photoshop. Can anyone help on that one.


I would suggest you start by exporting your tables from your word document as PDF. You can then generate a PDF with pages numbered 1, 2, 3 etc. Then in Adobe Acrobat you can use Place to paste. Just make sure you fill in page numbers for the page. Then convert this PDF to PDF/A.
You can then change the page width and orientation.
If you really need a PDF file with figures in it, you can use LaTeX and its friends to generate that. Again it would be easier to try the first solution before spending time doing it for yourself.
(I realise the question is for C#, but in general I assume the same tools are available for C# as for other languages.)

( ) and by $U(1)$-gauging ( ). These two actions are local, and the gauge symmetry is not anomalous. So they are harmless for the 2D confinement.

[^11]: The minus sign occurs from the $\si$-exchange diagrams and the minus sign in the second term from the $Z$-exchange diagrams.

[^12]: Of course, the two-step confinement between the quarks is not indispensable, and the confinement is possible in one step. But we need two step if we want to avoid the triviality in the confinement phase.

[^13]: In the mean time, there are works on the $SU(3)$-gluodynamics [@Sakai1], [@Sakai2] which demonstrate the existence of the dynamical gluon mass and the confining property in this phase.

[^14]: The more detailed discussion of the quark content will be discussed in the next section.

[^15]: The Dyson-Schwinger equation method is also known in this area. The present view is, however, somewhat different from that of DSE. In particular, the present viewpoint has its origin in the cancellation of the $U(1)$ anomaly in the massive Schwinger model, and it is not because of the investigation of the confinement properties


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Catherine moved to Edinburgh from Accrington on the borders of Lancashire and Manchester. As a keen artist, she took advantage of the School of Art’s highly regarded course in sculpture.

Her mum, Carmel, a hairdresser, and stepdad, Paul, an engineer, could only see her studying on a Sunday – for the whole week they had to go to Manchester and Ravenscraig to see Catherine.

So, Carmel managed to find a local English neighbour, Rob, to swap shifts with her. Rob and Paul worked 5am to 9pm Monday to Friday and went home to family in the Glasgow area on weekends.

Carmel paid him £30 to swap some time with Catherine. Rob then spent Saturdays with Catherine and Mr Thompson (Carmel’s landlord) spent evenings with her.

Rob had two sons with his wife, Ruth, a solicitor. The two teenage boys were initially sceptical about any time lost from their sport or the internet. The boys eventually got to like Catherine, and formed a close friendship with Rob.

Now, over a year later, Rob and Ruth have arranged for Catherine to move to the Glasgow area to live with them.

The 16-year-old said: “I’m going to be living with my mum and stepdad.

“I have a brother and sister, and, since my mum and stepdad work, they’ll be able to support me financially.

“I’m going to start college, and then, once I’m there, I’ll begin to re-build my life.

“I’ve had my ups and downs, but I’m going to use my time in prison and after to think about my future and get a proper life.

“I have my artwork and I’m really happy with it.

“I’ve just re-started doing


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The next big updates to the.NET Core tooling, Nito.Vibes 1.3.0, will make use of the instrumentation process in a completely new way for.NET Core applications. With just a few lines of code, Nito.Vibes will emit events and other.NET Core 4.0 information to an application as it is about to run as well as after it has finished running.

This means that all of the tooling can benefit from additional insight and visibility into the execution of.NET Core applications. This reduces the cost and complexity of building and extending the tooling and will add value to every.NET Core team member.

Electra2Vstrar.com is an independent web hosting provider, not affiliated with Electra2Vstrar.com does not use spyware or any other software to our customers. We strive to provide complete peace of mind for our customers by ensuring that if your web site was hacked, our servers are clean and the security is safe.Tips for Sonographer’s Temporary Hand Casts

Linda Meyers, D.O., F.A.A.O.S., owns a busy private practice in Philadelphia where she performs over 2,000 exams a year. This includes a slew of surgeons and orthopedic surgeons. She sees a lot of hand and wrist injuries. This post highlights her favorite tips for working around casts.

“A well-maintained cast provides a hassle-free alternative to the surgeon’s office environment,” Meyers says. “Patients generally are comfortable with a temporary casting.”

Tips for Sonographer’s Temporary Hand Casts

According to Meyers, you can never have too many knots and ties. Patients usually appreciate having a cast that is tight and that you are able to remove it easily.

If your cast breaks while you are checking out your patients, consider changing the cast at a local pharmacy. “The one place where