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Baca Novel Harlequin Online Gratis Bahasa Indonesia

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I’m interested to see what this cover is like. There’s some competition out there between the different editions that would certainly make this book interesting. A volume that Harlequin has been doing recently is switching to a more attractive cover. “Fate” is the theme for this line, and it’s the first in a mini-series. Harlequin told me that the series will be a series of short novels, but I wouldn’t read a book with ‘fate’ in the title unless it was a complete novel. I’m not into short novels. Harlequin isn’t my favorite publisher in terms of the way they package their books. With how they’re doing it now, with covers, you’d think they had some kind of vast publicity machine behind them. Publishers still put out lots of books, but they have a lot less to print for. This is a very hard decision to make. I like Harlequin’s books, I like the line itself. “1st Novel In The Fate Series” just seems like it’s a teaser. I’ve never read anything by Sandra Brown or Raine Spencer, but I believe that this is an ongoing series. I would just prefer to read a complete novel, with its own unique plot. It’s funny how publishers package things.