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Webeasy Professional 10 Serial Number

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Mailbox In A Flash


A fully featured inbox replacement app for Lightning 3.0.

Mailbox In A Flash is simple to use but very powerful. It syncs with Exchange Online, Gmail, Hotmail, Office 365, Outlook, iOS and Mac Mailbox and Apple Mail.

Mailbox In A Flash Features:

– Sync Mailbox with Exchange Online, Gmail, Hotmail, Office 365, Outlook, iOS and Mac Mailbox and Apple Mail
– Quick reply to messages in the inbox with amazing shortcuts
– Forward, Archive and Trash messages
– Share messages easily via AirDrop, Messages, FaceTime, and others
– Drag and drop messages from inbox to archive, etc
– Mark messages for deletion with 1 click
– And many more…

– Support for Mailbox numbers
– Use any folders in mailboxes
– Access messages without mailboxes

Mailbox In A Flash is not supported for:

– Exchange ActiveSync
– Exchange ActiveSync and Push

You can try Mailbox In A Flash for free. If you like Mailbox In A Flash, please make a purchase at the App Store. Mailbox In A Flash is a paid app.

Mailbox In A Flash got an important update and has a lot more coming soon. We are working hard on making mailboxes even better.



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