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Can a worker be sent to a room without possessing up to 3 cards?

I don’t know what the name of a card is in English, but one of the LC’s rules says that a worker can go to a room without possessing up to 3 of them. Does that mean that a worker can go to a room without possessing one of each color?


You can only posses up to 3 cards of a single color. You could say that you could go into a room without possessng a blue card and not a black card. Since there is only one of each, this would leave a room with 2 black cards and one blue card.

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TextInputEditText is null error in Kotlin

I have an activity with a textInputEditText which is not shown in the layout. I set it like this in onCreateView:
viewModel.showSearchView = true
searchView?.let {
viewModel.showSearchView = false

This is the object:
class SearchView : State(SearchViewModel()){
var showSearchView: Boolean = false

The object is initialized in onCreateView.
The class I use to set the viewModel:
data class SearchViewModel(val showSearchView: Boolean = false) {

And the layout I use: