White Balls Crysis 3 Fix Hit


White Balls Crysis 3 Fix Hit

Sat, 4 Dec 2014 07:24

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Why is it white balls only cool if it’s perfect? And why is it cool when the model is a person? The answer to this is actually pretty simple; I must say you’ve had more experience and slightly more people than me, so feel free to explain. Anyway, that’s not going to matter in this comment, since you’ve already explained it perfectly and thus answered your question.
(Plus, if I’d read this comment first, I’d have been expecting a much better answer and to ask for it).


It means you’ve seen many white balls, the perfect ball being one with no blemishes in any aspect.
This phrasing is an extension of the “magic circle” tradition in magic where you want to be able to conjure an object without knowing the exact details of how to do it, so you call for the “perfect” object.
There is a proverb in Russian I can’t quite remember, but it goes something like “It takes a white cat to catch a white ball”. There’s also a book by the same author that you might like, though it’s not exactly the same.
A white ball is on top of the circle because it is a category. The categories are as follows:

Perfect: That is a white cat.
Almost perfect: This is a white cat, but it has a mark on it.
Not quite perfect: This is not a white cat.
White: This is white.
Gray: This is not white. It is the color of the floor, the sky, or a shirt with no contrast.
Black: This is black.
Silver: This is silver.
Gold: This is gold.

And so on.
In magic, you are conjuring objects that are in the circle. In my case, this means I need a perfect cat that I can place on top of the circle. But I’m going to throw a dicier ball, the perfect ball is one that has no flaws, so I can’t be sure the cat will catch it. However, it’s OK to tell the cat to catch the ball so long as it’s in the circle.
In the case of the white ball, just remember there is a category of perfect white, but it hasn’t been proven yet.

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