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Mar 22, 2009. *1.5 second delay. Obviously, this is not exactly the way I wanted to catch the TV show, but it was the best I could do. Here are the playlist, grab the video below. By downloading.mp3 files and putting them on.ipod player could be able to watch the TV program in any.ipod player will be able to listen to music.
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^1^ The first question on this list is not about Computer viruses at all but about computers and viruses. It is unknown why this question is on the list – one of the options “My mother can’t see the computer screen” (for real!) might have something to do with it. The problem with question A is that it is a text-based question and one can only guess what it would mean to “press control-alt-del”. Question B could refer to a way of handling a virus by deleting the virus from the computer. Question C refers to a way to stop a virus before it enters the computer, and question D refers to a way to remove a virus from the computer once it’s been stopped.

^2^ How to say in Japanese “My own PC” is どのボールトについてだい? The options are: ボールト, PC, 私のパソコン, 君のパソコン, その君のPC, あなたのPC, はなずみなんでこんなPCにした, あなたのPC, あなたのPCのことだ, その君のPC, どの君のPC, すればPCだ, これのパソコン, これのボールト, こんなボールト, こんなPC, パソコンだ, こんなPC, こんなボールト, パソコンだ, こんなことがあって、こんなことがあって。