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Need For Speed Most Wanted Magyarositas CODEX

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I am currently using the SPS Gaming Transcode Tool to create the TLM. The converter allows me to use X264, H264 and H265 codecs to process files to be converted.
I want to do my own editing to conform to the game’s settings without using a software that is already optimized. I checked in Help and the site has a videoadditionguide for the most common programs.
I have been told by multiple sources that when it comes to editing iMovie or Premiere Pro, editing is much easier with Avidemux. In addition, they feel Avidemux is able to handle a much higher amount of video and audio sequences without being hindered by transcoding.
As such, I am wondering if Avidemux is the way to go and where can I get Avidemux that I can download and use without paying? I noticed that the Avidemux website does not list any version under Windows OS. Could you help me with this? I have also posted the same question here.


You shouldn’t need to use any software besides FFMPeg to transcode your video as it can get the same results as most of the other transcoding tools are designed for. This is a much more efficient way of working.
FFMPeg can be downloaded for windows, mac, or linux systems. The download site has instructions for each system. The download link is here: FFMPeg (Windows/Mac/Linux).
The other problem you may be having is that you haven’t included some of the “data” into the file you are transcoding. If your file has two tracks, one audio and one video, you may have to cut the audio file and reinsert it. This is to ensure there is enough data in the clip to cause it to work.
Once you have the file working, you should be able to navigate to your files in iMovie or Premiere Pro and transcode them directly from your file manager. As for the Avidemux wiki, there is only a H.264 part listed.