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How should I plan to get my first DSLR kit?

I’m looking to get a DSLR kit for fun and thought of a specific brand that I wanted: Canikon. Canikon seems to only have DSLR kits that include the camera, the adapter, and a couple extra lenses.
I’m interested in a kit with the 24-105mm f4-5.6 kit lens (I already have one but I want a different lens) and a cheap adapter (I currently use a lens adapter from my old DSLR, which works but is really bulky).
I’m new to photography, so the cost is not much of a concern. I’d like some advice on whether this is a reasonable price and whether it’s a good option for starting out. I also don’t expect to be professional after this, but I love the idea of having my own camera that I can share with my family and friends.


Price is an issue. People often think that you can always save money by buying the cheaper model. However, you will have to get a different amount for discount, or you will be out of your money after a few months. To give you an example, Canon EF lenses can be bought for 300 USD (Canikon didn’t included such lenses in the kit for the difference between brand and model). Each 100 USD means that you can now take photo’s with those lenses at 4 different prices: the lens you bought for 300 USD, the model for 200 USD, the brand 100 USD and the lens for 50 USD. I would say that buying a DSLR is about the same as buying a phone. You can save money with a cheaper model, but you are going to miss something.
All Canon models available in your country
No, the Canon models that are available on in your country. Some of them are 1 series, but not the 24-105/4-5.6. Canikon does not have yet any DSLR model for this kind of a price range. The equivalent would be to buy a phone with 240, 320 or 480 GB memory (the higher the number, the more space you will have