these days, hookup apps are used more to help you move from one hookup to the next, rather than to help find a relationship. of course, there’s still a place for them if you’re in a hurry, and they can be used to meet someone with similar desires. however, they’re not a substitute for meeting people in real life.

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if you haven’t had sex in a while and want to spice up your dating life, the sex-positive dating app is great for that. okcupid and tinder have both added a section that breaks down a person’s sexual openness based on the other questions they asked you. take a look at the couples on okcupid who met while having sex, and you’ll see there is a sex-positive dating world out there.

okcupid, okcupid, okcupid, okcupid. match, match, tinder, grindr. we’re used to meeting people on dating apps, and people on dating apps can be a lot more open than you might think, says courtney trenwith, the co-founder of the online hookup site and app women hookup . she advocates flirting with people you meet on dating apps and with other people too. in that way, you’re having similar experiences, and you can stop projecting your expectations.

some dating apps are good for meeting someone when you’re looking for an escape from your real world. many dating apps promise to make a date last longer than an hour — like a hookup, but more social. if that sounds appealing, pof and bumble bumble have you covered. these apps are great for pre-date flirting and are perfect for those with busy lifestyles.