if it is a woman, it would be like testing her strength and how resilient she is. if it is a man, it is like testing how long he can stay without sex. the options are limited and https://squareblogs.net/lierwhorl57/how-to-succeed-in-the-first-date-of-the-first-date-the-blue-ocean-waythe decision is not a piece of cake, this means, nobody makes the decision. the fact is that it is the decision of the person who actually wants to be with that person. it is never a decision based on tangible benefits. you are never going to have this feeling of satisfaction and peace if you take that decision impulsively based on any desires. instead, you must determine the values of the future partner. how mature and what are their characteristics of a man or a woman? how can i sense the feelings of that person? how does he/she know how to deal with things? how do they interact with others? what kind of person do they treat? what are their emotional capacity and what are the benefits of that person? if you know all of this, you are going to be able to make the right decision.

confidence is a funny thing. one person might say, “don’t feel so confident!” to another one, “i’m confident.” that one is confident is not proof that the other is not confident. confidence is part of the person, therefore, you cannot have confidence unless you are confident. so, instead of trying to be and feeling confident, try to be and feel confident. once you accomplish that, you will see that it is not as difficult. you will realize that it is not all about you. your confidence is part of the others perception of you.

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