Genius is a site that I have been using since forever and it is filled with new tools and games. It also contains cracked software with regocn charters. It not only has cracked software but it also has a huge gaming section with tons of games in it. I believe that it is one of the top creators of torrents.

I like to do manual downloading without a website, so this is what I have done to download some cracked software. I use the internet Archive to access the website and than try to downlowad the crack with manual downloading. It takes a lot of time but thats what I love. The one thing I hate about this is that you cant do it for all software. You must have a good internet and patience to do that. If u dont have the patience, I recommend you to find another alternative.

Psiphon is a free and amazing streaming app that allows you to stream online content from anywhere. It is not just restricted to movies and tv shows but its limitless. It does not only stream content but it also allows you to save and stream from youtube as well. It is kind of like the Netflix of south east Asia and it completely work with no issues. You can download it for Android and iOS too.

Best.Disk.Images.Support – The ultimate site to download cracked software for Windows operating system. It offers huge collection of cracked software and media files. You will not find something more useful than it.

McAfee SafeZone is probably the best antivirus software that I have ever used and I am pretty sure that, it is amongst the bests available to date. That is because it does everything that it is supposed to do, 100% and provides some amazing features.